⚽ Other Games - 12th to 17th April 2019

Leicester v Newcastle kicking off this weekend.

And Newcastle currently leading 0-1

Typical of Brendon to channel his inner Puel when we could do with barcodes staying in range

FT 0-1. Newcastle move on to 38 points.

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Spurs 2-0 up at halftime.

Wanyama scored the first - forgotten man.

He’s lost a load of weight. Used to be a real bruiser for us, looks quite lithe now.

Finished 4-0 to Tottenham

Half times

Brighton 0-1 Bournemouth
Burnley 1-0 Cardiff
Fulham 0-0 Everton

And Fulham are now 1 up against Everton

What a game at Stadium of Light, it’s all over the fucking shop!

Watching MoTD. That Lucas hat trick is pretty special. All three goals excellent.

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that save de gea just pulled off was pretty special too, banks-esque almost


i am much happier praising other teams now that we are theoretically safe


early Sunday game…Palace vs. City

Stirling scores early…adds another on 63 mins… 0 - 2.

Final score 1 - 3

on to Sunday Pt II Scousers vs. Chelski

Come on Chelsea.

Carragher commentating again.

Listening on 5live. Not as much Scouser bias, but it’s still there.

Wouldn’t complain if it was Saints in their place - but I’d draw the line at the Radio Solent Adam ‘n’ Dave show.

Jeez you can’t trust chelski to do anything.

2:0 down…seemingly in as many minutes :man_facepalming:

Yeah, glad I’m not watching on Sky Sports, Carragher must be insufferable by now.


Hazard hits the post when it was probably easier to score.

Yep, say what you want about Carragher but all the time he’s cheering on his team against yours on the TV, he’s not spitting at you.


Chelsea could have had 3 in the last 5.

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