Old photos

Old photos


Romsey Corn Exchange and Market Place…around 1935…


Sod going all the way to London in that thing


Sod going all the way to London in that thing

Where’s your sense of adventure miladdo. That was a brand new bus when that picture was taken. :lou_wink_2:


the white on black number plates look more cool. I would bring them Back. I would make it Manifesto Pledge.


Current look…

1934 look…

Explanation of the photo - basically propaganda in some rigged election by Mussolini. Scares the shit out of me


The voting procedure used two ballots and two envelopes; the yes ballot was in the colors of the Italian flag with fascist symbols, while the no ballot was a white sheet. The voter had to place the ballots in envelopes, put his chosen ballot in the ballot box and return the discarded one to the voting supervisors, de facto allowing them to check what each person had voted. The list put forward was ultimately approved by 99.84% of voters.



Theresa, are you watching?


One for LITSL:



Yep that’s a nice one Matt…this is a framed one from 1871 I have hanging in our hallway…


Note the oyster beds- once a foodstuff for poor people. The shells could also be mixed into lime mortar and used as a building material. pic.twitter.com/rJuxxiVZtb

— SeeSouthampton (@SeeSouthampton) May 5, 2017

This looks like a detail from that 1871 map.


Fascinating …it’s amazing to see how the population pretty much stops north of Bevious Vally … Portswood looks like it’s just fields with the odd house dotted here and there.


No (Cobden)bridge to Bitterne either.


… and the Bargate was in Bitterne Park back then :lou_lol:


Yep that’s detail from the 1871 OS map.


Southampton castle:


Not Southampton but I like this one from late 70’s

Some of the old timers have created a great Good Old Days FB page and post gems like this - our World Trade Centre

![Image may contain: outdoor](https://fb-s-d-a.akamaihd.net/h-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10614253_10202394098797408_779444273951556406_n.jpg?oh=a9ced17818ef5ba9295145e75473a8c3&oe=59786730& gda =1505480525_1520e6b2675a74c9bbce41f2a8c4659f)

This is from Google Images of the view today from the same angle

Image result for trade centre dubai


Even Slowlane was a nipper when this was published:



I can remember that tent in the first pic @dubai_phil behind the trade centre




An ariel view of The Dell from the 80’s

and a more recent one of St Marys


As a side note, the St Marys shot really highlights the size of the old gasworks plot. It’s hardly surprising that developing the area around the ground is a long term goal for the club or anyone considering taking over.