Old photos

Old photos


Following up the Tolstoy picture the first successful colour photographs were the Autochrome system. They weren’t colourised B&W pictures but genuine colour images starting from the first decade of the 20th century…beautiful subtle tones…



This one has appeared here before…RMS Mauritania, Southampton Docks 1928…



A timeless beauty…



Nope, nope, would, would, nope, nope, would, nope



Wonderful photos there, LITSL - do you still have the negatives?


Ha! yes I do young fella. :lou_lol:


This is a Kodachrome slide I bought on EBay a couple of years ago…it’s stamped on the slide mount Sept 1960…

I thought it was pictured in San Francisco and was possibly my car…but research proved it wasn’t. Still a nice picture.






Not often you can get yourself out of the shit by using your own shit!




My favourite photographer and my favourite picture taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson…

The Barge Family, Bougival - 1956

Encapsulates his theory of “The Decisive Moment” perfectly.


I love some of the old photos of my family. Until recently I wasn’t aware of this photo of my paternal granny taken by my grandfather. Likely in the 50s at Blenhiem Palace

And maternal granny, probably in the 30s

My maternal grandfather is the man on the right.

Bit more sobering. This is from a POW camp in WW2. Same man above is the beardy one on top row.

Paternal grandfather.


I know some of you will feel dirty opening a link to the Fail BUT there are some CRACKING old photos from WW2 in this article (just released by Imperial War Museum and forming a new book)

Absolute stunners some of them


They are great images


My maternal Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle pictured in a studio in The Hundred, Romsey around 1914/1915.

My grandfather was reported MIA in 28th March 1918.