🎆 November 5th

:fireworks: November 5th


Set off the one box I could find and everybdy enjoyed them

Even gave a little history lesson to the grandkids who first thought i was letting fireworks off because it was our national day


Pap I think you need to read some history of the time. It was all brutal, Spanish inquisition? Queen Mary wasn’t known for her tolerance, it wasn’t a tolerant time.
We’d be a backwater without Henry.


So there are still fireworks going. This now needs to stop!


The good news I never got arrested for letting them go yesterday

But please dont stop the fund raising pages on all the social media I will accept all donations. :lou_lol:


As I walked home tonight there was someone letting of fireworks for half an hour. Not in any sequence just relentless and loads at one time. Thank goodness I’ve not got pets.
Diwali tomorrow so maybe by this weekend it will all calm down.