🎆 November 5th

:fireworks: November 5th


More the devil incarnate :lou_wink:


Must have been Christened at St John’s then


you ok mate?


As far as I know


Funny you should say that. Yes I was…


More and more in common then


I count myself lucky I still have six fingers on each hand after my juvenile misuse of fireworks.

Mind you I did start off with eight on each hand. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I went to the display in Winchester last night, really enjoyed it, starts with a fire torch walk through the city centre before lighting the massive bonfire (after the Guy Fawkes burnt away we were left with the scene of a big cross burning away which was a bit awkward). Only niggle I have is the shit modern ‘pop’ music they played during the display but if I was being a bit more objective it’s not for me it’s for the kids and they seemed to love it. Not bad for £3 and all going to local charidees.


Too politically correct now, get the pope and Guy Fawkes and Catholic traitors on there, go on burn burn mother fuckers!


Rousing sermon this morning, was it?


Wouldn’t know mush, religion isn’t for me, you have to believe in a God to start with.


Quite like fireworks when done in a display somewhere. Not so keen on them going off all the bloody time especially for any animals who don’t appreciate it. We are lucky the local display is pretty much at the end of our street. Last year the queue was huge to get in so I headed back to the balcony and had rum hot chocolate whilst enjoying the show. May not bother tomorrow with standing in a soggy field and do the same.


Why oh why do the government think that it is a good idea to allow the sale of industrial amounts of gunpowder to the public at large.


Because it makes them money and they have no moral compass.


The most sensible thing you’ve said today @Barry-Sanchez



Sotonians. Come for the unrequited promise of football chat. Stay for the idiot-led sectarian one man band.


Perhaps he’s just demonstrating what someone “with no moral compass” would look like on a football forum. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Right, I am now entirely fucked off with this lark. Three nights of near constant explosions, the dog yapping after each one.

It has been 414 years since we burned some Catholics, arsed because they were massively persecuted after Henry VIII wanted to get his dick wet officially more than once during his day, and during Elizabeth I’s long reign too.

Male Catholics were hung, drawn and quartered if they didn’t accept the holiness of the present English monarch. Females were burned to death.


But the fireworks are pretty!
My ears hurt a bit now from the sound bouncing off our building.


Don’t forget Mary’s subsequent murder of Protestants @pap

They’re all as bad as one another.

Sorry about the dog