🎆 November 5th

:fireworks: November 5th


And fireworks etc, in general, i’m not a fan. “Bonfire Night”. Isn’t it just an anti Catholic thing? At least the sound of fireworks is drowned out by the overworked police.


Nah, I think you’ll find it started in thanksgiving for the fact that the assassination attempt on King James 1st was thwarted.

Feel free to go down the minority persecution route if you want though.


Fuck the politics. How about fireworks?
I love them, but not the cheap shit going off everywhere. The shops that open for the season are just money laundering schemes.
A well organised display, timed with music is stunning though(my opinion).


We used to have a fantastic year round fireworks shop locally where you could by absofuckingloutely mental industrial strength fireworks- sadly now closed down.

I like a good bang. I like fireworks too


Is the shop in Four Marks still open ?

You could get goood stuff in there?


Duterte has basically banned all fireworks in the Philippines I have found one box in Batangas which I will let off tomorrow.

So if no Philippine saint on line on Tuesday you will know why.

Please start a release campaign.


Justice for the Phillipine one.


Why do you choose to live there?


Its where the wife comes from


I think it is - haven’t driven past for about 6months. Banging shop (pun intended). Parking is a real bugger especially now though as the pub up the road has been turned into a supermarket / new homes.


What came first the wife or the lifestyle


The wife who I met in Dubai

When I was the UAE saint


Do you ever want to come back to Southampton?


Only to visit the relatives.

But I will be back next year for a wedding and the bugger wouldnt move the date so its in the football season


You’re a Waterside boy aren’t you @PhilippineSaint?

Quite why @SaintBristol would ask if you’d want to go back to Southampton does not compute - Gods own garden in God’s own county is across Southampton Water…


Yes I am.

Born in Hythe Hospital lived in Mopley and Langley.


There you go a Sotonians link, I too came into the world in Hythe hospital



I’m making conversation. Seems that your a religious man …


Not if he comes from the Waterside but he his correct of course :lou_lol:


I have more awful jokes :slight_smile: