:pl: :norwichcityfc: Norwich City v Saints :saints: (Live on Sky)

:norwichcityfc: v :saints:

  • :norwichcityfc: 0 - 0 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 1 - 0 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 2 - 0 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 3 - 0 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 0 - 1 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 1 - 1 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 2 - 1 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 3 - 1 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 0 - 2 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 1 - 2 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 2 - 2 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 3 - 2 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 0 - 3 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 1 - 3 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 2 - 3 :saintsfc:
  • :norwichcityfc: 3 - 3 :saintsfc:
  • please can we just have a :saints: win, please.
  • :norwichcityfc: are going to win, easy, VAR will see that they do
  • Gao out
  • a draw of some sort.

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Anyone planning on doing this away day? If I can get a ticket I think I’ll drive up so 3 spaces in car. Night on the razz then back the next day.

Hell, yeah. Bearing in mind this is a local match for Tyke and me … just got to hope the club get a decent allocation and it comes down to members.

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Yeah i’m up for it.
Bit out of your way for a lift thought, so i’ll meet you all there.

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I’d love to go and, I guess, because of this weekend I’m sure I’d get a hall pass.

There is, however, the issue of getting tickets.

I guess I could still travel up and watch a dodgy stream Chez @Saint-CD

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Have a word with @Lets-B-Drinking
I may need to myself!

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Yeah, likewise could be tempted but ticket would be the issue. Will check if I’m free first.

Always fancied a visit to that part of the world. But I’ll only go if we spend the evening visiting Mousehold Heath which was the setting for a book I read recently - I don’t want to waste time in a pub or anything like that.


A heath in Norfolk sounds perfect to me.


That’s the best night out in Norwich. Ssshhh ffs

The Sotonians Ticket Office awaits your call.


Tickets go on sale next Tuesday. Will anyone going let me know before then if they want me to get their ticket.

Looks like I’ve got a pass.

Can you get me a ticket Kenny?

Also can I have a lift @Goatboy?

Also where are we sleeping?

Also when someone accompanies someone else to a football match and the someone else kidnaps a Ukrainian prostitute, is the original someone culpable for not telling the authorities about the likely motives of the someone else for visiting the lowlands?


Just pack your spade and some gaffer tape and shut the fuck up.


and spent the journey there sharpening knives.


I also have a Hall pass :slight_smile:

Can I have a ticket please @Lets-B-Drinking

Does @Saint-CD quite realise what he has let himself in for?


So tomorrow I’m buying for Goat. The Blouse and BigBadBob.

What’s with SOS and Saint-CD?


You can get mine, if you would be so kind.
What details do you need?
I’ll pm whatever is needed when i get home.

Aye, do you need anything from me, apart from money obvs…

Unlike @Saint-or-sinner and @BTripz, I only plan to reimburse you for the ticket if we win.

Rest of us already know the outcome :wink: