Nominations to the Sotonians Soviet

Nominations to the Sotonians Soviet


As alluded to on the “Site Feedback” thread, the structures at the top of Sotonians are changing. In addition to your new, decidedly non-corporate overlords, I’d like to create a small council (let’s call it a Soviet, if only for the lols when a right winger gets elected) to help decide future site direction.

Consequently, I’d like your nominations for Sotonians Soviet Councillors :slight_smile: Those nominated will appear in a poll, and people will get to fill the elected component of the Sotonians government.

My nominations are:-

@fatso , @coxford_lou , @bearsy , @cb-saint


@bucks , @krg_

Whatever anyone does, DON’T nominate @btripz


What Site direction I just fucking hope its not one direction.


Surely you need the posts before the nominees?

Or the posts to tie the nominees too?

Before they are shot?


I nominate @philippinesaint as treasurer please send all donations to me @philippinesaint


I’m also nominating @intiniki - she has served me well in the past, and I fear I will be sent to a gulag if I don’t.


One Direction never really believed their own tag line anyway.

Otherwise they’d have walked into the sea and drowned, a few weeks after formation.


Well done for nominating @btripz , @chertsey-saint

I second it.


I did read the Blue and white tag line to this thread as Erection is that correct?


@btripz an obvious candidate

@fowllyd the voice of reason

@thecholulakid straight talker


Great idea! I nominate:

Fatso, because he’s thoughtful and considerate, and not afraid to tackle tough issues

Fowllyd, because he’s non reactionary, wise, and has loads of respect

BTripz, because he is kind and patient, and doesn’t take sides

Intiniki, because she’s calm, reasoned, and doesn’t get involved in site politics


I nominate @intiniki , @coxford_lou , @fowllyd , @lifeintheslowlane and, begrudgingly, @btripz .

They’ve all been committed (or should be).

They all post, or at least, read regularly.

And I’ve had sex with all of them, but one.


I would insist on accurate quoting and torching Belch’s wardrobe.


@btripz always misses out.


I’m too much a gentleman to comment, @chertsey-saint .


This is shitloads more exciting than the “who wants to eventually abandon their duties as butler” contest we had.


what does the new role actually involve? Some sensible names put forward so far, though does rather depend on what people are being asked to do.


I asked that already @fatso but obviously we will get the Comintern in before the Director dishes out the directorates that they will be in charge of.


Seat on the chair regarding future site direction. Will probably set up a sub-forum for those kind of discussions.


will there be a curry club?