NHS hit by Cyber Attack

Now I have no problem with ethical hacking and some of the bigger companies deserver to be hacked and attacked but it seems to me hitting the NHS is dangerous and could effect lives

I hope no serious damage is done!!

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Ah, it’s not everyone but it’s stilla pretty low thing to do…

Ransomeware FFS

Frankly i am amazed that anyone has made enough sense of the NHS IT system to be able to encrypt it.

That’s fucking disgraceful.

Bet it was Jeremy Hunt.


They’re running Windows XP, the daft cunts.

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That’s because they’re so resistant to change, a couple of my colleagues used to work in the NHS and they said trying to get the clinicians or secretaries to change their software was like getting blood from a stone.

Anyway looks like it’s ransomware which would suggest to me that someone has clicked on a link that they shouldn’t have. Mind you the netwrok infrastructure should have been able to cope with it.

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Pay them.

Follow the money.

Execute them.


Yep drone attack called for !

Seriously, this is utter clown shoes from Jeremy Hunt.

I think I would actually prefer to be responsible for a sixteen year old human, with all the teenage hormonal logic and consequent screaming matches, than an Internet connected XP rig holding anything important.

I know that savvy IT types like @btripz will have precisely the same reaction as me when seeing an XP box in the wild*.


* @chertsey-saint would probably say “Oh, I run that at home” **

** Joke, Cherts.


So you don’t recommend I upgrade my windows 95 to xp then Pap ?


Where do you live?

I’m telling Donald Trump and his Navy boats that you’re launching Syrian chemical weapons attacks.

Besides, I know you’re just having a laugh. I suspect that if a Windows 95 PC was connected to the Internet, the sudden and total infestation of malware would take out the national grid. Best off playing it safer…


I wonder if this thing could have been sparked by one of those Indian scammers that phones up, says “hallo, we have detected virus on your computer”

They send their hapless victims to a site which infects their computer.

These sites are usually ephemeral, eventually recognised by blocking software. If that happened on a machine that hadn’t had a security update for two years, connected to the largest organisation in the country, 90% of which are also running with 2015 awareness of modern security threats, well yeah, the results could be pretty disastrous.

There are some comments on my Facebook post from NHS staff which are quite alarming.

No need we all know who did it.

It was Pap. On behalf of Jezza.

Obviously because now he can make out that the NHS couldn’t afford to upgrade their Amstrads to run proper windows.

(Yet still some 24 years on seem to have more highly paid managers than front line staff. Won’t even bother to ask how that happens)


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I had this happen to me a few years ago. Yep, running XP. I lost most of my pictures and files. The fuckers wanted 3 grand. Sickening.

Letting the side down there Soggy

Surely everyone of our age has some old floppies hanging around for back up

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There was a chap on R5L from one of the virus companies who said that this particular malware would have knackered any operating system, not just XP. He did also say that running XP was not good.

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