NHS hit by Cyber Attack

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It’s global

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Ransomware infections reported worldwide - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39901382

Spreading very fast run security updates people

As a General Practioner myself. my first thought is the security of my patients. We’re working around the clock to enable this :slight_frown:


Upvoted for the sheer cheek of it.

Slightly miffed that you’d think I’d consider hacking a 16 year old system, with no major updates for the past two years, and a series of rootkits available from the darker recesses of the Internet a challenge.

A muggle could do that.

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However you’re linking this shit, @dubai_phil , fix it. Errorsville, USA.

I’d advise ensuring the URL box starts with http

Fuck it. Anyone up for starting a raven farm?




Thanks to Pap on Twitter for pointing out how badly underfunded the NHS is.

Obviously it is so important that Patients get to see paintings someone else other than them deems to be Art, rather than having their Private Data and Medical Records protected.

Which does then open up another question. IF this is the security budget, just what the hell is going to happen when GDPR comes into force at the end of the year.

So many institutions (and SME’s) simply are not ready for it, haven’t started to get ready or even don’t know what it is, all of which could see the NHS ripped to shreds by fines from the EU Legislation.

Anyway, a debate for another day.

I have a good friend. In February he was diagnosed with Terminal Liver Cancer & given weeks to live. I came back to go to his farewell party the other week.

For the past 8 years he had been running a SaaS business using advanced Threat Detection Software and lecturing on things such as Ransomware Denial of Service etc. He was appointed a special advisor to the Cabinet Committee that does that stuff.

He should have made zillions for himself, family & UK PLC.

And nobody gave a shit. Nobody imagined it would happen to them. Then just as the world has woken up, he is into his last couple of weeks.

Ho hum.


My doctor called me last night to complain about the local surgeries IT systems that had been hacked.

I told him that it’s​ just a virus that’s going around, and if it gets no better to come back in three weeks


I thought you were a cameraman or summat?

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There is a certain irony here.

How many times have you been to the doctors and told you have some non specific virus.

Back atcha.

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Tories are bang to rights on this. Watching Peston now. Don’t think Ashworth nailed them enough, tbh. Public sector is notoriously slow to upgrade its operating systems, but usually, that has been caution. In this case, it’s pure underfunding and incompetence.

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If it gets a bit uncomfortable, they will say it was Russian hackers, trying to subvert democracy and install Commie Corbyn.

Can i bet on that being a sun or mail headline?

Nah, they’ll pin it Tone:


This will bring back memories for those of you who were at the vanguard of home computing…


I was the fucking Boss at school cos I had one of those.

Microsoft giving it the old “Wake up call for the world” which loosely translates as “we have just put our upgrade prices up motherfuckers”

How about writing an operating system that isnt riddles with back doors and bugs?

Out of interest where does the responsibility lie for pc operating system upgrades?

Centrally or with individual NHS trusts?

With the GP surgeries, again is it the NHS or the practice?