NFL 2016/17 Season

NFL 2016/17 Season


Well here we go again with one of my favourite sports, as the NFL season starts at 01:30 tomorrow morning with a repeat of last season’s super bowl Broncos v Panthers.

For me this season I have to go for the Panthers who look so strong, followed closely by Seattle Seahawks, Steelers, Packers and it pains me to say, the Patriots.

My team the 49ers will fair better than last season and hopefully they will get a wildcard place at best, as they continue to rebuild and get used to moving so fat from San Francisco!

Players to watch for me personally are Cam Newton for the Panthers who plays such an exciting game, with a smile on his face. Seemed to have froze for the Super Bowl last season, but he is only young and this time around I think he will win it. Aaron Rogers, who can pick any pass when on his game, one of my favourite quarterbacks along with Andrew Luck of the Cults who has massive potential if he can stay fit and Odell Beckham Jr for the Giants, who I could watch play every week and could pretty much catch anything. I’m a big quarterback fan!

My team the 49ers will fair better than last season and hopefully they will get a wildcard place at best, as they continue to rebuild and get used to moving so fat from San Francisco!

Talking of the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick has refused to stand for the national anthem in a protest against the treatment of black people in the USA Kaepernick has mixed opinions across the US recently after twice refusing to stand for the national anthem before pre-season games.

The 28-year-old has said he will continue to sit out The Star-Spangled Banner until he sees an improvement in race relations, citing the number of black people shot by police in the US.

Kaepernick has been accused of showing disrespect to the American military, although some veterans and military members tweeted their support for Kaepernick with the hashtag #VeteransForKaepernick.

Police officers have threatened to boycott 49ers home games unless the organisation takes action against Kaepernick, while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that “maybe he should find a country that works better for him”.

However, US President Barack Obama said this week that the player had raised legitimate issues and was exercising his constitutional right to make a point.

Although Kaepernick is no longer a regular starter, his number seven jersey has been the top seller on since the controversy began.

We can be sure that all cameras will be trained on him when the anthem is played before the 49ers host the Los Angeles Rams in their season-opener on Monday night.

so let’s get the show on the road… I cannot wait!


Is it that time already, it comes around so soon…

I’m sure my team, the Dolphins, will do as well as usual this time out.


Quite enjoyed watching last season. They were a little up and down, but remember a few suprise results. My mate (also a Dolphin fan) went to see them at Wembley. He had a great day and night!


Ah yes, Dolphins at Wembley

Best view in the house


Was there for all the games last year…only going to see my Colts this year though (on the 2nd).

My tip is also the Panthers (I would go Seattle but don’t trust the run game now Beastmode has retired).


pile of pants seriously srs

It’s a media event not a sport ffs

OK…who’s going to bite.



Hmmm…hows about we meet somewhere to watch it one Sunday evening, and I’ll fill you in on the virtues of the NFL?


It’s a fucking great sport, ok some games are one sided, but that is the same as soccer. The tactics are out of this world. I love it when there is one play left and they have to make t count to win/draw, the drama is so good.


Luck excites me, I think this is going to be a huge season for him. Who is your team Cherts?


Colts, funnily enough!

The problem Luck has is playing behind one of the worst O-Lines in the history of the NFL. You put him in Dallas and you’ve got a Superbowl straight away I reckon.


See I think the same with Kap, he has terrible protection and got slated last season. He is an exciting young quarterback, who has been moaned about as he runs the ball to much, but when I watch them I can see why, no protection and no one open to throw to, but oh no, he is the scapegoat. If I was him I would leave.


It’s his Fellani style hair that does it, I know you can’t see it under his helmet but when he takes that off you don’t want to be anywhere near him in case his hair takes your eye out!!


My team is also the Dolphins (I’ve got a mug and everything!)

They will be shit again this year and I’ll wonder why I chose to support them all those years ago, and whether switching allegiances is more acceptable in NFL than in football.

What does the board think? It’s not like I’ve ever been to Miami. Or even to the US, for that matter.


my team is the 69ers.


It’s the only sport what I watch avidly, and have done for 30+ years, but don’t follow and actual team.

I love the Red Button on a Sunday. 6hrs of constant action. Brilliant.


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my team is the 69ers.

I had you as a Foreskins man.


Same here. It’s not on the red button this week mind, it’s on its own dedicated channel (so we can watch it in HD!).


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Originally posted by @Fatso

my team is the 69ers.

I had you as a Foreskins man.

Or an Indianapolis Cunt.


Just watched the live game from last night… Bloody Broncos! They have something over the Panthers for sure! Cannot stand them! But not as much as I hate the patriots!


and the Jets,