NFL 2016/17 Season


Is that every week or just this week as I usually have Europen footy on the TV & the Red Button streamed on the laptop?



I think it’s just this week, according to the NFL UK email I got earlier this week.



3 really good games so far, that have all gone to/going to the wire. Really enjoying this. Not sure Dallas can get back into a winning position now though.

Pone more game to come and even though Brady is not playing, he will be mentioned a stupid amount as per normal, he is the Liverpool FC to Sky, they suck him off as much as possible! Cannot stand the Brady bunch!

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Yes, I see the 'fins have started the season in the manner in which they intend to continue!!



What a perfect 1st night of the season for the 49ers. 0-28 best performance for well over a year! Gabbert looks very versatile and Hyde, well please stay fit! GO 9ers!



Going to be a little more difficult tonight with the 49ers going to the Panthers, my pick to win the Super Bowl, but we will see.

US Bank Stadium looks pretty impressive, but making it out of glass and then putting loads of rocks outside… That’s asking for trouble and that is what happened, smashy smashy! So no replacement glass in stock the Vikings entertain the Packers.

Rams are back in LA for the first time in many years, but they were woeful last week and play the Seahawks, I do not fancy their chances.



Never really followed NFL. Like a bit of college football on BT Sport though. Interested to see how a couple of Last Chance U* alumni are fairing this season.

*college football documentary series on Netflix - worth watching

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Well I’m glad I stayed up for the Seahawks at the Rams

Seahawks 3-9 Rams 6:52 left in the 4th!

Funny at the moment that the Seahawks are losing to the Rams though, but I’m sure they will pull out the winning touchdown late on!



Well another defeat for the Panthers as the Vikings beat them in their own backyard!

49ers have gone to a touchdown after 42 seconds against the Seahawks in the late game.

The Dolphins tried to throw the game away only for the Browns to miss the field goal. The game has just gone into overtime.

The team that knows how to lose a game, the Jags throw it all away to lose, before their trip to London next weekend!

Redskins beat New York in New York.

Live game now, in the middle game is Steelers at Eagles 0-0 with 6 mins gone in the 1st. Should be better than last weeks field goal fest!



Dolphins beat the Browns! Woohoo!



49ers 0-14 Seahawks - still in the fist quarter. It is going to be a long long season.



Cam Newton is a bellend.



Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

Cam Newton is a bellend.

I like him. One of my favourite quarterbacks, but I have a few of them.


Eli Manning


to be fair, there are a lot of knobs in American Football.

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They won… Where are you… Dolphins, Dolphins!



Well here we go again for another night for American Football.

The Jags won at last! They beat the Cults at Wembley in the first game over the pond this season.

Shock tonight at the moment is the Panthers are 2 touchdowns down to the Falcons. What had happened to the team I predicted to go all the way? Seems that the Broncos are looking like going all the way again! Patriots also starting well, but down tonight at the moment by 2 touchdowns to the Bills



How dare you interrupt the American Football hitting a mini ball with a stick!

Anyways 49ers are 0-14 up against the Cowboys!

Patriots lost woohoo, but the Broncos are winning 7-14.



Well here I go for my weekly chat to myself. I went off sulking last week as the 49ers were 0-14 up only to lose badly! Then they lost again in the Thursday night game! Rubbish.

Well so far we have had the below, but only normally tune in from 9ish for the middle game of the day for 2/3 hours. Then record the late game.

Cardinals 33 49ers 21 - cardinals are nowhere near as good as last season - 49ers unbelievabily worse.

Texans 13 Vikings 31 - Texans were looking good until this one, bug the Vikings are on fire, looking very good. NFC’s only team at the moment who are likely to win the Super Bowl, but the AFC is much much stronger.

Bears 23 Colts 29 - Bears are same old, and might get a wildcard, but Cults should get a playoff place.

Jets 13 Steelers 31 - Jets and the Steelers are much the same as last season. Jets maybe a little worse and Steelers a little better, Steelers will get a playoff place, Jets might get wildcard.

Titans 30 Dolphins 17 - Titans might get a playoff place, but the Dolphins well, they won’t!

Eagles 23 Lions 24 - Eagles started so well and expect them to win, but Lions nicked it late on! Eagles will get playoff place, Lions will not.

Patriots 33 Browns 13 - yeah yeah, the Patriots will probably get to the final, browns, nothing.

Redskins 16 Ravens 10 - Redskins nothing, but Ravens could get play off place.



Looking forward to the late game Giants @ Green Bay. 2 of my favourite quarterbacks up against each other, Eli Manning and Rogers. I expect Green Bay to come through.

Brilliant watching my other favourite quarterback Luck, couple of bullet throws for touchdowns! Just needs a little more protection and the Cults really could go a long way this season.



Middle games today?..

Falcons 13 Broncos 3 - hoping the Broncos lose

Bengals 0 Cowboys 21 - Cowboys are looking good now, keep an eye on them!

Bills 16 Rams 13 - Rams getting things together. Bills being Bills, not up to much.

Chargers 10 Raiders 9 Both these could get a play off place, but Raiders more likely, but both will probably miss out.



Broncos lose

Cowboys win and flying!

Im off to bed!