:pl: :newcastlefc: Newcastle v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :bt_sport: Sport)

:newcastlefc: v :saintsfc:

Can we bounce back from Tuesday’s disaster, will the team even bother “turning” up…

  • :newcastlefc: will win easily
  • :newcastlefc: will win
  • :newcastlefc: will win with a dodgy VAR penalty
  • :newcastlefc: will win after VAR wipes out 3 Adams goals for being offside by the width of a neutron
  • Bednarek is back, :saints: might just not lose this one now…
  • Bednarek is back, everyone is happy, :saints: going to win…

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Looks like barebones XI again. Who plays CB?

I’m available. No good, mind, but at least i’ll stick one on Callum Wilson before being shown red.


No can we fuck, Stephens will be playing, 3-1 to Newcastle.

I’d do a Villa and send up an U17 team as we can’t afford any more injuries and spurious suspensions for the Cup game.


Suspensions in the league don’t count in the FA Cup and vice-versa


Poll added to the OP

unfair poll no option for us happy clappers :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I am all out of clapping happy…

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3 match bans do.

Bednarek available red card overturned


:grinning::grinning::grinning: Now sanction Dean and VAR team. They had the same footage as the appeal board. It smacks of collusion or worse.


They need to nail those bastards good and proper for THE LAST TWO WEEKS SHITFEST! :rage:

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Does that mean I get my points back in FPL??

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Mind you with no OG or Red & everyone playing mine were crap as well!

And David Luiz’s appeal has been rejected, not seen the incident to be honest so can’t comment…

I’m surprised. I’ve seen it and couldn’t see any contact.

With the injury update we need a new poll, with an option that we just might not lose.:rofl:

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