:newcastlefc: Newcastle v Saints :saints: (PL)


:newcastlefc: v :saints:

  • :newcastlefc: and :saints: both play on the counter, unfortunately this means that no-one touches the ball and it spends the entire match on the centre spot!! Bore Draw
  • A game actually ensues and both teams mange to make the onion bag bulge, score draw
  • :newcastlefc: sit back and defend, however they don’t count on Shane Long doing what he hasn’t done since AssHat left the club, and that is score for 3 games on the spin, :saints: by the odd goal
  • :newcastlefc: don’t defend deep and :saints: take adavntage, Redmond continues his rich vein of form and Ings sets him up more than once, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • A long, long trip to the frozen wastes wears the :saints: players down, :newcastlefc: take advantage and stroll to a 2+ goal win
  • :saints: can’t hear their fans, them being up in the Gods, and put on a lethargic display, :newcastlefc: don’t really do much either but manage to win by the odd goal.

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Just in case any of you were thinking of a business trip or last minute vacation
Guess who’s coming to watch the Geordie game with us?
And playing some free golf obviously



Are you pissed still?

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£72.46 a single ticket?!

I’d be caning it in the 2hrs drinks and also eating my body weight in BBQ food…



Yeah or just come to Barasti on 27th and buy Matt a Malibu & Coke…
Fair play to him free golf for an event at JGE where I will be doing golf stuff in November.
Won’t be going either to that night



But what’s it got to do with Newcastle away in April?



Good point well made.
Memo to self, don’t try and post important stuff while on a train



I’m going for our usual 1-3 saints


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I’ve been to three separate Newcastles in the United Kingdom.

Did on-Tyne on a business trip. Went there on a train. Could feel the cold as soon as I got past Durham. Didn’t get to have any fun. If you’re up there on Friday, it’s lads and lasses night. People go out in single sex groups. One year, a Geordie lad questioned about his all male cohort by a local TV news reporter, explained the phenomenon - “going out with lasses is for homs, man”.

Did the NI version loads of times. Played a lot of games of poker there. Drove through it. If you’re there this Friday night, don’t mention any history.

Upon-Lyme is someone everybody experiences in a confused fashion. It’s apparently the posh bit of Stoke, except its nowhere near Stoke and posh seemingly means “more trees”. If you’re out there this Friday night, god help you.

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1-1, both parties happy with the result.



After returning to the good books & remembering to shut the front door after Wolves, I have been given permission to go out Saturday to watch this one.
Pressure is on as I am being taken to Easter Mass. That’s tough at best of times but with a hangover could be career ending.
2-1 to barcodes as always.



After having a reflective day doing bugger all I am thinking we will bugger the barcodes,
Rough up Raphael and take all 3 points.

Newcastle 1 - 3 Southampton FC

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@Polski_Filip I have been excused Easter mass as I am a non believer. Will be in the pub.

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Firstly, where is the hilarious poll that normally gets added to the first post by my serf @BTripz?

Secondly, this will be a really tough game as Raffa has them really well organised. Can’t call it at the moment. We will get few chances to counter and hurt them but if we take them then we win. Other wise could see a draw - probably scoreless. Then again, their safe and have celebrated the fact so, who knows?



I’m a devout (but understanding) non Catholic. And sure can’t understand the lingo (can’t even work out if they are speaking Latin or Polish).
My problem is I kneel down when I should stand up and remain head bowed when I should be kneeling. Sooooo embarrassing.
I’ve managed to negotiate NOT attending either Midnight or 6am Mass and have settled for the 11am session.
I’d prefer to be in the Pub.



They’re … peasant



If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything!

PS You OK with “other wise”?




If we are speaking Northern people here then Yes.



Genius can’t be forced it must be nurtured and cajoled. Hilarious poll added to the OP.

And serf? Serf! Isn’t that what your sub-under-butler @Fowllyd is?