:pl: :newcastlefc: Newcastle United v Saints :saints:

:newcastlefc: v :saints:

  • What Lawro says (2-1 to :newcastlefc:)
  • What @fatso say (3-0 to :newcastlefc:)
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • :saints: have 7 points from the last 9, so what that they were against lower opposition eh @scotty, this run of form will continue :saints: by 2+ goals
  • :saints: concede fist, then go ahead, then spend the last 15 minutes farting around in their own box, :saints: by the odd goal
  • :newcastlefc: strut and stroll through a haphazard :saints: selection. :newcastlefc: by 2+ goals
  • close game with both teams neutralising each other, Shelvey scores another wordly for the toon who win by the odd goal

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Lawro watch with Andy Murray

Newcastle v Southampton (14:00 GMT)

Saints are on a good little run with seven points from their past three games but I’ve been impressed by Newcastle recently too and they are starting to allay any fears of relegation.

Their home form was not great at first under Steve Bruce, but they have only lost once under him at St James’ Park and their results there will have helped him win the fans over.

The Magpies got a very good win against Sheffield United on Thursday night and I am backing them again on Sunday.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Andy’s prediction: 1-1

I am going against both of them with a 1-2 Saints win.


I don’t smell any points there for us. We’ve just beaten the only two teams below us, at home, and made fairly heavy weather of both. At best we might sneak a draw, I’ll be amazed (and delighted) should we somehow pull something out of the locker I didn’t know we had, and actually win there. 2-0 toon.


3 wins at St James’ Park in the last 70 years suggest we are not going to get 3 points.


Doom mongers the lot of you.
They will be over confident from their win in Yorkshire. we coming on the back of two scrappy wins will be trying our bestest and harassing them at every turn get Romeu to crock Shelvey in the first five mins and we will be fine.


They also had a flukey goal from an offside which turned out not to be, long after the Sheff Utd players - and the whole stadium - thought it was.

We should be good for a point at least

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That’s true.

It’s also true that we got away with a djenepo handball for the equaliser against watford, without which we’d have drawn at best. :open_mouth::smile::smile:

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You lot with your baseless uninformed predictions, let’s see what fatso has to say…

Scotty has been looking at my crystal balls.

This will be a 2-0 defeat.

The detail, for those of you interested does not make good reading. This is going to be an incredibly one sided game that could have ended up 5-0. My spirit sources are telling me that they will have at least one goal ruled out because of VAR.

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This is becoming stalking

Just because I happened to post 5 seconds before you did is pure co-inky-dinks.

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I think we will get an early goal, probably too early, and then be under the cosh for 85 mins before conceding a late equaliser. 1-1

Don’t forget the teams that we beat were also scrapping for their lives so wouldn’t have rolled over to let us tickle their tummies

Ah, statistics, they’re there to be broken you know…

1-3 Saints.


A good attempt for a beginner


Money where your mouth is fat stuff, poll has been added to the OP for posterity…


Are you going @ericofarabia? If so then I may just have to change my prediction…

Tactical drinking is going to be required for this one. Early kick off is a shit start. I can’t just roll up from the pub like I normally do 3 mins before KO, and still have a piss and get to my seat as the game kicks off.
There are one hundred and fucking forty steps to contend with just to get to the away fans tier up in the heavens. Surely that is even more than at The San Siro which nearly killed me FFS!! I’m not as fit as I used to be, this could take a while and hurt. I pray to god that the bogs aren’t on the ground floor for the half time wazz. Luckily I don’t have as far to travel as anybody from God’s Country, but still have to be up early doors for a bit Bus Wankery at 0730 into Manc to catch my Train at 0820. This after being out till late celebrating my son’s birthday :crazy_face: The 2 1/2 train journey … 3 bottles of Old Specky or similar should help wash down the homebuilt sausage and bacon doorstep sarnies. Meeting up with a NUFC STH mate who wiill be in charge of finding decent pubs and stop me getting twatted by any geordies who might mistake my chisled features for a horses head or arse :joy: From what I hear though, the mags are a sound bunch and friendly eough if you behave. Staying with my mate overnight near Whitby, so on it again post match … one of us will have something to celebrate probably.
The match? … like most away days, a great day out ruined by 90 mins of football in the middle!! I actually think we could sneak something here, but equally wouldn’t be suprised to get a spanking with The Pony Tailed Cunt Carroll and the Bald slap head Shelvey doing what they always do against us.
Ultimately I reckon my memory of the game will be limited by too much beer, fainting halfway up the 140 stairs and not being able to see the pitch from 30000 feet high and lack of oxygen!! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Regarding the poll at the top which Southampton player is being fisted and by which toon player ?

This could have a devastating affect on the results and could result in a sending off.

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