:2019: New Years Resolutions


Who made one?
Have you kept it?
Will you keep it?


Never made one as the last one failed miserably.

“Not contract any STD’s during the year”


None. Except for the one about not making any


Swear more.


Live longer


I intend to make a serious effort not to spill so much ale.


That my friend is dedication to the fine art of drinking well


To not letting myself be talked into house hunting in a Blizzard


To kill all IT wankers who say “I emailed them an hour ago”


None. As every year.


Your wife is brilliant

Nothing else to say


She just ordered me to take the whopping four the car while she cleared the snow from the pavement.
Now she’s making Whittards Caramel Hot Chocolate with a large Vodka shot after my efforts to not kill us on the roads this afternoon.
Good job I used to watch Ski Sunday,… We managed to go straight a few times unlike many today, but putting my Clarkson head on, the Renault Clio really isn’t the best car for side-on vision when sliding down a hill.


Got mine in beforehand. First, I’m off the ciggies. I am vape wanker now.

Second, no weeknight drinking, which isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds if you’ve got decent tea bags in and a missus that was previously concerned that my four tins of shop bought lager a night constituted alcoholism.

The thing I miss most are the pungent chemical farts that midweek beer would once inspire. They used to piss the missus off too.


I am going to try and be right more often, especially about the footer (which will certainly help with my accas) which means I need to make lots more nailed on (vague) predictions so here goes:

1/ We will pick up 12-14 points from our Jan-Feb fixtures.
2/ We will not sign a world class centre back in the transfer window.
3/ We will see 3 more of the yoof team make their senior debuts before the season is over.
4/ We will pick up 7-9 points from our Mar-Apr fixtures.
5/ We will pick up 1-3 points from our May fixtures.
6/ We will finish the season on 36-42 points in 15th-16th position



Why don’t you just lay-off your usual bat-shit-crazy bets on an Exchange betting site?


I’m reverting away from all that, much prefer the simpler way of spending hours studying the form, checking matches for key player injuries, then filling out a form with a pen, paying in cash, no cash out option and standing by my terrible decisions.


I’m sure it’s very character building :lou_wink:


could try Stilton if you still want to have pungent wind. :skull_and_crossbones:


I’m a vape wanker as well. Fucking weird shit, but at least the tabs have been kicked into touch. Just got to stick with it now.

Usual other wanky resolutions like losing weight, being nicer, helping others, blah, blah bollocks. But binned them off after a couple of hours. Now the resolutions are trying to get more shagging in, more quality piss ups, work less for more cash and work less for more energy for more cash to spend on more quality piss ups. Something like that.


Utterly laudable in every way. I commend you, sir.



1/ Spot on the low end of my prediction :neutral_face:
2/ 100% correct.
3/ 2/3 so far if memory serves…
4/ TBC…
5/ TBC…
6/ On track for points, might not get as high as 15th…