:2019: New Years Resolutions


Gavva’s Chrystal Balls

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Right let’s see how I did :lou_wink_2:

1/ Spot on low end of my prediction :lou_smiley:
2/ 100% spot on
3/ 2/3, not bad i’ll take that
4/ 11 points, 2 more than my top end prediction, totally fucking wrong I’m fuming with our better than expected performances :lou_angry:
5/ bang on my low end prediction :lou_lol:
6/ right slap bang in the middle of my points prediction, pretty spot on with position :lou_lol:

Overall 5 out of 6, I am proclaiming myself a prophet of the new age of King Ralph, and i will make some new predictions at the start of next season :lou_wink_2:



Book in some special time with Barry will you, he needs to know how to do this stuff…