🤯 New Theme

:exploding_head: New Theme


Discourse ran a competition to come up with some new colour schemes, I’ve installed one of the entries - called Grey Amber.

I like it. It’s quite relaxing.

Some screenshots…

I will upload some more schemes as well as new themes (the difference is technical) over the coming weeks.


I’m giving it a go


It’s weird. The colours change and fade as you read things (although I’ve also had a number of large whiskeys). Can’t decide if I like it or not.


Maybe try a gin next and come back to the scotch?



Looks like some crappy screen shot taken from the screen in a shitty disaster movie where they have some nerd operating ‘komputa’s’ to try and keep the world from discovering their impeding doom… This is a theme for them that rub their thighs


It’s very Spitting Image John Major


Right, this is going to get a bit trippy.

Dark Rose


Shades of Blue




Do you have nothing better to do than bamboozle me with this shit?

EDIT: Fixed your spoiler - you technofuktard


Do you have nothing better to do than to read it?


Actually ?


now piss off and carry on counting fivers, while I wallow in the techno-misery that Bletch seems to enjoy inflicting on me



It’s self-selecting.

If you’re not interested or are incapable, stick with your current theme.

If you’re interested but incapable, ask for help.


Shades of Blue looks good for these dodgy eyes.


What if I am both uninterested and incapable?




Vincent is good, but shit in the sun(i’m out more than in, this time of year), so thought i’d try the summer one, but nothing new showing.
My fuck up, or yours?


Have you found the option to change themes?

If so, try refreshing the page before looking for the updated themes.

Let me know how you go.


Have self selected


Yeah refresh seems to have been all it needed.
Summer theme is horrible to the point of nauseating.


Make mine a latte!

The John major one was decent. We’ll see what this one is like.


I tried latte, sky blue, dark rose (I think these are the names (I’m guessing a little). Possibly sky blue but it’s a little bright so I’m back to Vincent.