🤯 New Theme

:exploding_head: New Theme


I have to say that the Grey Amber is really nice.

Looks good on mobile too.


Nice work mate, I can’t log on to this site through Firefox for some reason, chrome works but I don’t like using it.


What are you using to log in, Ted?

PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android/Tablet ?

I use Firefox on PC and it works OK.

What’s the problem exactly?


Well i’ve been up the pub since 2 o clock, lost count after the 6th pint, and it looks great to me. I like it. So there.


Windows 10, Firefox … I get this error "The site at https://www.sotonians.com/ has experienced a network protocol violation that cannot be repaired.
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.


Just on my laptop


Looks shit on my mobile tbf - for a bit of balance


Edit: a bit like websites in the ‘80’s that thought white text on a black background was modern.

Bit like flares being fashionable again - only to those who didn’t have to live through it the first time…,



Flares a la Madchester/Britpop era was a good chilled out look mate. The current shitty skinny tight jeans look was very bad in the 80s let alone on middle aged fat blokes … everything was better in the 90s as I was in my 20s :blush:


Ted, this looks like you are trying to access a page that you need to be logged in to view.

I wonder if when you type the address of Sotonians into Firefox, you are allowing it to auto complete to a URL that you have to be logged in to view.

Try this.

  1. In Firefox TYPE JUST THE FOLLOWING into the URL bar.


If Firefox tries to auto complete the URL from its history, delete that and ensure only the above text is endered.

Press enter and tell me if you get the error. I suspect it might work but you’ll be asked to login.

  1. If you do get the error, clear the Firefox cache and remove any cookies that have been set for http://www.sotonians.com and https://www.sotonians.com then try step 1 again.


This seems to be a known problem.

I’m not sure if it’s a Firefox issue or a Discourse issue. It’s being discussed by the folks at Discourse at the moment anyway.

Do you have any plugins, @SaintBristol? Specifically do you run Privacy Badger?

I’ll keep you posted.


I want a Max Max beyond the Thunderdome skin.


Two themes enter. One theme leaves.


What’s a “privacy badger”

More importantly, where can I buy one?


We don’t need another themo.