:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Though make that those who have a malign global political agenda maybe

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Yup, probably best to restrict that statement to the pro-Israel lobby. There are plenty of Jewish folk disgusted with its conflation of the term.





But surely everyone knows by now that Chomsky is a self hating Jew.

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Proper Scouser?

Ricky is a proper good bloke and honourary scouser but not a proper scouser Pap.
Berger is a Blairite no more no less.



Oh I am intrigued with his. Why is he just an honourary scouser?



Because he was born in Blackpool.



Because his mother was evacuated from Liverpool due to the war. He lived in Liverpool the rest of his life. Give the man a break.

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He is an honourary one, nothing wrong with by the way. Very very tricky club to get into, my kids aren’t scousers as they were born in Whiston as the hospital is new (maternity suite), the womens is crap (old and rundown), thats the only time they’ve been to Whiston yet they’re technically wools. They’ve lived in Liverpool all their lives yet their passport is Whiston aka wool.

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Yes it is a strange one. Apparently people from Bootle aren’t proper scousers yet if you are from Walton which is just around the corner you are. I have a couple of mates from Bootle who get very touchy about it when it’s pointed out by another mate from Walton. “You’re not a scouser, you’re from Bootle”. It really winds them up.



Yes, people from outside the City don’t know the boundaries so everyone gets lumped in together, saying someone from bootie isn’t a scouser is brave mind!



Yeah, that’s what Cilla Black said. She was a proper scouser by your definition, even though she was a Thatcher loving cunt that moved away from Liverpool at the first opportunity and spent the rest of her life being a professional scouser.



In other news, The Sunday Mail has a 20 page hit piece on Corbyn today. That’s a lot of effort for unelectable.



Like Jimmy Tarbuck, your point?



They are clearly terrified. Like Osbourne’s Standard with their ‘opinion poll’ which claims Corbyn is 20 points behind May. So, of course the Tories will seize the moment to call an election and rout Labour! Never forget that opinion polls in Tory rags are designed to form public opinion, not reflect it.
Today we had Blair on Sky ramping up the anti-semitism bullshit, giving support to Tom Watson’s call to suspend Wavertree’s Labour Party. Luciana Berger is a disgrace, a 3 month trawl of her twitter feeds showed that not once did she promote any Labour Party policy, it showed a continuous tirade against the elected leader of her party, not once did she condemn Tory policies. Not once did she show any solidarity with Dianne Abbott, who receives, on average, 200 vile racist e mails and twitter abuse every day. It is all about poor Luciana being ‘bullied’ by evil anti-semites. Berger is bought and paid for by the State of Israel, they are her number one loyalty. They have invested tens of thousands of pounds in her, along with Hodge, Mann and the rest of them ramping up the ‘Corbyn is an anti-semite’ agenda again. Never mind that Corbyn is on record as one of a handful of MPs who have voted for every motion in parliament condemning anti-semitism and all forms of racism over the past 30 years. They are without shame, history will not be kind to them. Criticize Corbyn all you like for his policies, but to slander him and portray him as a racist in the face of all known facts about his record in parliament is absolutely disgusting. There is no gutter low enough to which these people will not stoop to maintain the establishment status quo. If these arseholes are allowed to prevail this country is well and truly fucked.



Jimmy Tarbuck knew better than to get into a meaningless “most scousest” spat in the Liverpool Echo, didn’t he?

Scouse is more than an accident of birth, me old son, which is why we can legitimately ask questions like who’s more scouse out of Jan Molby or Peter Beardsley.

Molby wins.

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Seem to be doing something.



Can’t win situation, init.

70 cases and Labour isn’t doing enough. 673 cases, and all the charges of rampant AS are true.

Well worth remembering that suspensions typically accompany hand in hand while things are being investigated. Might also be well worth remembering a bit of due process.



I wish they’d hurry up and get on with it.

Chuka Umunna and other MPs set to quit Labour party