:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


…Sadly therein lies the problem and in some respects as well as being deliberate by the Israeli state, it’s also seen as a motivator/driver for those who ARE looking to stoke up anti-semitic hate… which again fuels the Israeli position…

Humans really are a fucked up bunch… Twats in power play geo-political games of power - driven by industrial might (the US arms industry that funds the political parties, welcomes the supply of arms to Israel… ) whilst ordinary folk are subjected to inhuman atrocity… by a Government that plays on a legacy of being subjected to such atrocity itself… This is where religion does fuck things up though, because I wonder how significant such absolute bollocks and ‘eye-for-an-eye’ thinking is bringing song the average citizen for the ride? Folks have forgotten how that leaves everyone blind… I suspect the power brokers know this too and believe they will be teh ones left with at least one eye

(apologies for the overuse of paraphrased proverbs but, it seemed apt)


Bloody Jews and their conspiracies, eh?

Seriously though, anti-Semitism is a fucking cancer in the Labour party at the moment. Corbyn has failed to deal with it, making him complicit at best.

Chasing out Jewish MPs who raise concerns, in favour of “the man we all want to be Prime Minister” is the sign of a root and branch sickness and a borderline personality cult.

Honestly, fuck Labour at the moment. Fuck Corbyn for a useless, weakling cunt. Fuck the utter failure of the party at large to differentiate between the concerns of UK Jews and the political situation in Israel. Fuck anyone who ever says “what about the Tories?” or “what about Israel?” in response to a claim of racism.



So basically fuck you all


Honestly? The Labour Party’s response to accusations of anti-Semitism from within and without the party has been to ignore or condemn the victims or talk about conspiracies and smears. What other person or persons in authority would consistently be able to duck accusations of racism just by saying that they’re not racist?

Meanwhile Jewish people leave the party. Meanwhile Jewish MPs face such rabid anti-Semitic abuse that goes un-dealt with that they talk about leaving the party. Meanwhile all the UK Jewish press talks as one to express how scared they are about Labour anti-Semitism. And the party does nothing. Corbyn does nothing.

Anyone who, on hearing the distressed voices of people claiming racial abuse, doesn’t go straight to those people to talk… yeah, fuck them. Anyone whose instinct is to look for reasons why they might be lying… yeah, fuck them.


Maybe I am just out of touch, but what are the case histories of this rabid Labour anti-semitism? Apologies, but I dont follow it that closely - I struggle with any politician these days given their inability to provide me with any genuine opinion that does not come preloaded with ‘its the will of the people’…

IF there has been genuine claims of racist abuse than this MUST be properly investigated, but how much is driven by other motivations versus genuine claims? I am not being facetious, but seems we have had a lot of claims, without any substance or what have I missed?

For example, this is hypothetical - Would it be considered anti-semitic if I was looking to oust a Jewish MP from my party because he/she was expressing support for zionistic claims and defending the behaviour of the Israeli Government re Palestine?

See the is the thing, I cant stand anyone of any religion who would defend what the israeli Government is doing there, by saying that, it would appear I leave myself open to accusations of anti-semitism?



A fair point


There were at most, according to my recollection, seventy cases of anti-semitism under investigation (emphasised because folk are all too keen to say guilty before proven innocent in these cases).

This is in a party of 500,000+.

On that conservative estimate, that is 0.014% of Labour members.

Whether it’s a grappling hook, super-glue on the palms or some form of electromagnet, I’m not arsed.

It’s getting a grip that’s important.


Last night I tweeted this:-

Which referenced an article I wrote back in August 2018. Amongst other things, it included this little bit:-

Owen, ever the improviser, decided he couldn’t not do the appearance, so he went just up the road, and preached his wasteground politics from a literal wasteground while getting photo-bombed by a lass in a Corbyn T-Shirt.

Today, I got this tweet:-

You’ve gotta love social media sometimes. Brings people together.


I would like to know what the actual anti-antisemitism was ?
who said what or what did somebody do ?
As of yet that has not been explained.


It depends. Naz Shah was criticised as being antisemitic for sharing a Norman Finkelstein graphic of how neatly the population of Israel would fit in a theoretically purpose built area of the USA.

It has enough space, and the idea is not without historical precedent. Israel itself is a consequence of colonisation and migration by Jewish settlers.

For the record, Norman Finkelstein has been described as a self-hating Jew for his criticism of the Israeli government.


What is antisemitic about that?


You had to ask didn’t you? We’ll be here all night now…


Depends on your definition.

Is it a type of racism that targets a specific group of people?

Or is it a form of racism that an even more specific group of people, such as hardcore zionists, get to control the definition of?


You’d have been here all night, mate. You know it.


uhm… OK so maybe I am a dumbass… are you saying that a bit of political satire criticising Israeli zionism is now considered anti-semitic? Of course it could be a nice wee dig at the overarching influence of israeli politics within Washington based on local influence of those that support the Israeli government from abroad?

we don’t half live in a fucked up world… full of twats


It’s not officially anti-semitic until confirmed on Countdown.


so nobody actually called anybody else a Jewish (put your own word here) then?

all sounds like a load of baloney to me.



The definition of an anti-semite used to be ‘somebody who disliked Jews because they were Jews’. Sadly it now would appear the definition is ‘somebody who Jews dislike’.