:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


That article is utterly batshit. :rofl:

I remember seeing an interview with James Randi, in which he said how appalled he was that his total demolition of Geller, live on air, only led to massive public sympathy for the great bender of spoons, rather than the mass derision that it should have elicited. So it goes.


Very dangerous as the members will hold sway on who they want but voters won’t adhere to that ie you can have the most ardent remainer mp and momentum members yet they could be against fellow traditional labour voters are are brexiters, it’ll be civil war.


Aye, the Randi stuff is the YouTube I linked to the tweet.

I think I prefer the Johnny Carson Tonight show for a number of reasons. The squirmability is a touch better, Ricardo Montalban is on it and Carson smokes fags throughout. Ah, the 1970s.


Yep, the Carson show debunk is brilliant - and Carson was advised by Randi beforehand.


Carson’s incessant “I’ve got you now you bastard” was a joy to watch.



Also the usual LFI suspects are trying to re-ignite the Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-semite debate. Yesterday they, Ruth Smeeth, John Mann, Luciana Berger, Hodge and the rest of the bought and paid for State of Israel lobbyists called for a motion to be debated in the PLP which will give Corbyn a week to prove that he is tackling ‘rampant anti-semitism’ in the Labour Party. Will these people never give up? Surely they must realize that this smear has been done to death, people have seen through it for what it is. Just the ‘friends of Israel’ up to their usual tricks of trying to create a problem where there isn’t one. Everything Mann, Berger, Smeeth and co say or do is calculated to undermine and cause as much damage as possible to the elected leader of the Party they claim to represent.
Let’s face it, Corbyn could enter the Eurovision Song Contest wrapped in an Israeli flag, singing ‘I Love Israel’ while being circumcised as he reached for the high notes. These people would still be calling him anti-semitic. It is impossible to appease them. Get rid.


The Labour Party should flip the question to them.

Tell us what is antisemitic. Tell us why.

Even during the height of the Ken Livingstone saga, all Ms Berger could bring herself to say was that “Ken’s comments have no place in the Labour Party”.

Ken’s comments happened to be true. Perhaps that is the issue.




Labour vote her out
Labour dominate the headlines for voting against Jews
Corbyn dithers and makes it worse
Rinse and repeat


Feckin’ Jewish lobby out to drag down a party who apart from being rightly pissed off with Israeli oppression of Palestinians and illegal occupation of Palestinian territory are staunch anti-semites - mainly - but not according to the Friends of Israel/The Conservative Party/Right Wing Media

There a lot of irony in the propaganda being disseminated by the Jewish Lobby, compared with what was going on in Germany in the ‘30’s if you stop and think about it.

Light blue touch paper and retreat…


Tells you all you need to know about our corrupt media.


they are not corrupt, more that the advent of 24 hour news and the profilferation of outlets means they chase headlines. And “Labour hates Jews” is a good one to chase, if somewhat lazy.


Yes, the far right borough of Wavertree in the famous racist city of Liverpool. I’m sure everyone will believe that.

The reasons for the motions explicitly state her repeated attacks on the leadership and her general lack of opposition to the Conservatives.

Luciana was once my MP. We’ve met each other more than once, and my eldest daughter is a huge fan, largely because Ms Berger remembered her on a school trip to Parliament. I did not vote for her in the 2010 election. Her selection was mired in controversy then, and no, it was not because she was Jewish.

It was because she was 26 years old at the time, had no prior connection to the city and was parachuted in at the expense of people that had been banging doors and running local campaigns for decades.

At one point, Ricky Tomlinson was going to stand as a Socialist Labour candidate. I think he’d have won easily. Name recognition. Proper scouser. Former trade unionist banged up for protest. Nailed on.

Didn’t go for it, which is a shame. You know that at least once, he’d have said “Parliament, my arse”


I think you need to consider your terminology here. The lobby you’re referring to is very much an Israeli one, not a Jewish one. Conflation of the two is what the Israeli state likes to do, and what they like to accuse others of doing in a very different way. Reference to a “Jewish lobby” is pretty much falling into their trap.


Is this where they keep the Kosher Food?


Meh, if they’ve got time to dissect my post when everyone knows the problem then whatever anyone else says will be massaged to meet their agenda, whoever they are…fuck I’m sounding as incomprehensible as Barry on a good (bad) day…


They chase a verynnarrow field of bullshit headlines, for malign reasons(much like the American model they chose to follow).They are corrupt, even when held to the very lowest standards of balanced journalism.


She is a looker though. I would. Surely that needs to be taken into account by the local mob?


Email them. I’m sure they’d happily send down to you. Your Mrs might not be overly impressed though :joy: