:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Not content with being anti-Semitic and being a spy and being best mates with terrorists, old JC is now the world’s worst misogynist.


Whether he did or didn’t, in all likelihood he will make a fucking balls of handling this


He definitely did, and most probably yes.


I can’t see what the problem is…she is stupid is she not.


Not sure about the ‘woman’ bit and it will be a braver man than I that volunteers to confirm.


It’s not the done thing, unless Corbyn is happy with May calling him a crusty old cunt in the next PMQs


Of course. It is Pantomime season after all.
I didn’t say that…
Oh yes you did…
Oh no he didn’t… . .


I thought the issue was that he used the word “woman”. So to show this up as the rubbish it is, someone just has to find, amongst the mountain of derogatory things said about him, one instance of the word “man” being used and we can all then wonder why they weren’t up in arms at that time.
Or have i misunderstood the whole thing?


Nah, the issue is a media that can’t seem to chuck the most inept government that anyone can remember out of office with simple reporting while it makes mountains out of molehills and whatever the fuck it imagines people get offended by.

I’d imagine people are much more offended at having to watch such partisan views passed off as independent.


They still try to pass themselves off as independent?
Fucking flat earthers😂


Laura Kuenssberg Informed us that BBC viewers will be ‘outraged’ at Corbyn’s misogyny. What a disgrace she is, i don’t know why she doesn’t just wear a blue rosette and be done with it. May’s performance at PMQs was an absolute disgrace even by her standards, bare faced lie after bare faced lie, a refusal to even make any attempt at answering a question, culminating in an obviously choreographed, (she referred to notes) pathetic pantomime routine. All this while the country is facing absolute turmoil, solely due to her pathetically inept performance as a so called Prime Minister. She is a massive embarrassment to this country. And for what it’s worth, looking at the footage without prejudice Corbyn did say ‘stupid people’, some lip reading experts agree too. Even a Tory MP has likened the furore as coming very close to thought crime. Another Tory claimed that he heard Corbyn say ‘stupid woman’, even though it was not picked up by any microphone. So another bare faced liar exposed. These bastards made less fuss when Jeremy Thorpe attempted to have Norman Scott murdered and shot his dog instead!


Just look at these pathetic specimens clamouring to show the Speaker their mobile phone footage.We deserve better.


We deserve better from all politicians for sure. The pathetic games and personal agendas at all costs do us no service at all.


The only disgrace here is that nobody has called her a heartless, racist, incompetent cunt.


When Kenneth Clarke called her a bloody difficult woman it was taken as a compliment. Where were the howls of outrage? What hypocrisy and double standards.


A situation now addressed. Another Sotonians world first.


“Sorry, i don’t mean to come across all Piers Morgan, but here goes”.




Getting serious now. Uri Geller is involved.