:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Very very funny. And to think that Dan Hodges is Glenda Jackson’s son! I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall when they get together.


I suspect most of them will be paid PAYE by the agency as opposed by being through a Ltd company.


Quite a few had set up as ltd companies. I really couldn’t deal with all the hassle. Happy to be a perm member of staff.


I think Dan Hodges has just had his George Galloway cat moment. The poor bastard is forever going to be associated with tripe.

You just know that whenever he mouths off now, there’ll be at one Twitter reply, referencing that wonderful letter.

Weirdly enough, Dan is a regular guest on Galloway’s show. GG calls him “Dan Dan, the Corbyn man”.


Dan describes himself as ‘a tribal neo-conservative Blairite’. Pretty much the opposite of his mum i think.
I know they had some almighty rows when he was a commentator on The Telegraph.He clearly didn’t get enough smacked bottoms when he was growing up!


That’s probably because you are earning. A few years on low or now income and you might think differently maybe?


A decade back a lot of my mates were self employed - now most are wage slaves. All say they’re better off, have staff benefits inc company finder pensions, paid sick pay and holidays…


I am a selfish fucker as I only pay VAT and Property tax (rates/ Poll tax) no Income Tax


Thanks for the clarification from you and Chertsey. I was looking at it from my own viewpoint, so didn’t appreciate the wider context.


As I say, I’ve done the Maths and I’m not there yet. Need to see a 25% raise in the wages.

However, one of the biggest things for me is the flexibility. I take about 50 days holiday a year, I took 5 weeks off in a row last year, and the company that employed me couldn’t tell me not to. That’s what I like so much about it.


Yep, that’s how i saw it in the main.



Not seen much about this, why has it been dropped if it is inaccurate?


Police have now started a criminal investigation into antisemitism in the Labour party.

Not a good look.


If they are looking into antisemitism they are also looking into semitism which in effect is antimuslim in all party’s as well?




Loving the @Goatboy work.

As for the @Chertsey-Saint reportage, jumping in there like swimwear, just to get a rise, with shite information? *

Not a good look :smiley:

* No-one took the bait.


On Monday LBC had a phone in about the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last weekend. Apparently a woman rang in blaming Jeremy Corbyn, he had created a climate of fear for Jewish people etc etc. She was allowed to continue with her ridiculous rant, uninterrupted by the presenter. LBC, along with the BBC and the rest of the MSM have an agenda regarding Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.