:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


Traditional Labour? Let the vail slip a bit there Barry.
Progress, set up in 1996 to help shut out anyone that believed in any kind of socialism.
That’s got nothing to do with traditional Labour values.
Who funds them?


See also, Labour First.


They’re to the right, that was my point, not their aims nor politics per se.


You listed them as traditional Labour. Both of those groups were formed to dismantle and dissuade traditional Labour by using neoliberal “traditions”.

I think you’re bang to rights, Bazza.

Care to comment?


I could put one of Barry’s comments about momentum being insurgents in the “this made me laugh thread.”


The right of the party, traditional Labour is or its supporters are anti Blairite pro union and from the North in the main, I could list mp’s but there’re the usual suspects I’m sure you know or I hope you would.

Not bang to rights at all.


They are, Hatton all over again, they’re fucking liberals anyway whinging about student loans the selfish pricks.


Sorry, Barry, but you are wrong, old bean.

Progress and Labour First are both pro-Blair, pro-market and pro-war.


But the right of the party?


My prediction for the coming week. Despite getting dropped from the Momentum JC9 ticket, Pete Willesden will get elected to the Labour NEC. We’ll then get stories about how the party membership must be antisemitic because they voted for a candidate decried as antisemitic.


Someone else said it better than me.


Some people may have missed all the stuff about him and voted anyway as he was still on the list and one of the 9 but an up to date email from momentum only had 8 candidates and he wasn’t one of them.


Doubt it. Barbra Streisand effect, init.


Bevan would have fucking hated the left of the Labour party, momentum wouldn’t have been allowed to exist.
I don’t think that quote is somehow relevant.


Yes, we’re dealing with two separate things here.

  • What Bevan actually said.
  • What you imagine he might say or do in 2018.

I’m going with my submission, if it’s all the same to you.


Did he say that and in what context?


Frank Field was an enthusiastic member of the Conservative Party before he switched sides, they were his first love. He has made a career out of pretending to be Labour, with a nice safe seat, whilst openly supporting the Torys. I really don’t know how he has got away with it for so long. The media coverage of his resigning the whip has been hysterically dishonest. Half of them say he did it because he is a Brexiter, total nonsense, the other half are saying he did it because the Labour Party is infected with the stench of Anti-Semitism, again, total nonsense. Why did he nominate Corbyn for leader if he thinks he is an Anti-semite, “Britain fought the Second World War to banish Corbyn’s views from our politics”? So Corbyn, a man who has spent over 30 years fighting racism, one of only 3 MPs who has voted on every motion condemning Anti-Semitism, has views that can be equated to Hitler and the Nazis? A disgraceful slur. Frank Field is a hypocrite of the first order. Frank Field once attacked Sir Keith Joseph, one of Thatcher’s favourite ministers, for a speech on birth control among the poor, calling him, " A leading member of the Jewish community applying Nazi attitudes towards the poor". Now i wouldn’t necessarily disagree with Field, Keith Joseph was a deeply unpleasant human being. But that’s not the point here is it. Just imagine if Corbyn had uttered these words years ago and they had recently been dug up, he would have been crucified for days in the media and elsewhere. The hypocrisy is staggering. Field’s resignation will not be the first, this is clearly going to be Chicken Coup mark 2, all co-ordinated and choreographed by the same people, there will be staggered resignations leading up to the Party Conference, with the express intent to do as much damage to the Labour Party as possible. It is so transparent.

Field resigned before he was pushed, his constituency party voted overwhelmingly to deselect him and demanded the whip be withdrawn after he voted against his party in the HOC to stop the current government from falling. Barry maintains that Field is very very popular up here in Merseyside, that really made me chuckle. He is despised by most, for very good reasons. He totally lost whatever credibility he had in Labour party circles back in February, when he courted, then took ‘The Sun’s’ shilling, writing a Brexit column. For any Labour MP, never mind a Merseyside one, that is unforgivable. Show’s utter contempt for the people of Merseyside, and their feelings. Frank Field lost seven constituents in the Hillsborough disaster. That tells you all you need to know about Frank Field.

At the 1987 election the Labour Party candidate for Wallasey, was a gentleman called Lol Duffy. He and his worked hard to persuade a traditional Tory electorate to vote Labour. Enter Frank Field, the Labour MP for the neighbouring seat of Birkenhead. On the eve of the election Field, incredibly, encouraged people not to vote for Duffy! In the earlier 1983 election, the conservative MP for Wallasey, Lynda Chalker had a majority of 6,708. In 1987 due to the work of Duffy and his supporters, her majority was cut to just 279. We will never know if Field’s intervention robbed the Labour Party of a famous victory, but it certainly benefitted the Tories. Duffy, who had turned a safe Conservative seat into a marginal was dropped as the Labour candidate before the 1992 election won by Blair, for being ‘too left wing’, and was replaced by, Field protege Angela Eagle. Over 30 years later they are still at it.

The Labour Party should have removed the whip when Field became David Cameron’s 'Poverty Tsar, remember that? When he argued that the Tories weren’t doing enough to “punish the workshy”. Insisted that there “was an urgent need to go beyond Iain Duncan Smith’s work programme”.Field told The Times that under his plan, "school and university leavers would go straight into low-paid subsidised jobs, rather than be able to claim jobseekers allowance. Pay would be at benefit levels.The Labour Party is far better off without this treacherous self server, let’s be honest, he will be missed far more by the Tories than the Labour Party. Good riddance.


I see the point of a tory getting Corbyn in as it greatly reduces our chances of Government…


Is this the replacement for the Brexit thread?

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