:labour: New Old Labour in trouble

:labour: New Old Labour in trouble


So day off yesterday from the party being in the paper. Today Frank Fields has resigned the Whip. It’s the start of some news programs and top on a few websites. Really?


It’s all planned, isn’t it. Sachs and his Powell quote(if that was ever in the famous speach), was the lead, but “rivers of blood” is more his thing than Corbyn, as was witnessed last year. He led a march through the Muslim part of East Jerusalem chanting “death to all Arabs”. Much more up Powells street and i believe Antisemitic.
Maybe he should rage at the man that did quote from that speach.“Melon lipped piccaninnies” if i remember correctly.


And it starts


The most amusing thing about Field’s departure is that he’ll stand as an independent. Partly because he always has - he has always been something of a rebel in Labour ranks, but mostly because he never has.

Frank Field has never been elected on his own merit. Birkenhead is one of the safest seats in the country.

I think he’ll realise that is was Labour getting him into power, not the other way around, at the next general election.


Habitual rebel, ensconced in a safe seat - where have I seen that before?

When he does go, I think he will be missed. I might not agree politically with him, but he did get stuck into the likes of Phillip Green and helped get the shit to put £363m back into the BHS pension. He strikes me as an old school conviction politician.


He’s well respected across the divide, but apart from that, this anti-semitism thing is getting fucking boring now.


As I said, perma-rebel. Nowt wrong with that, especially if the person in question has the support of his or her constituents. Dennis Skinner is another example on the issue of Brexit.

I think he’s on his way out anyway. Been in Parliament 40 years, like. No way he’ll get re-elected there as an indy.


Yeah, but some of his convictions are unsafe :wink:


Why they using a picture of Larry Lamb/John Humphreys?


I bet Frank wishes they did.

As I said, perma-rebel. Probably jumped before he was pushed.


I saw somewhere he was facing deselection anyway? I can’t remember where, possibly Owen Jones?

I know you ain’t his biggest fan these days, and I ain’t entirely up to date with internal Labour party politics (it moves pretty fast).

Is there any truth in that?

Edit: for clarity, I was asking if there’s truth in the talk of FF being deselected.


The splits are there for all to see and I said it along, momentum are now pushing the party and that was always my fear, the traditional right of the party and the working class heart will be marginalised.

The populist liberals and NU Labour through their £3 charge have changed the dimension of the movement, I fear a split or many going to UKIP.

Why don’t momentum just go and support the liberals, that their home, its not the Labour Party.

Their entryism into the party has hardly helped us in the polls has it?


Field is very very popular up here as a real Labour man, you can take that to the bank, deselection is the weapon the insurgents (momentum) when they don’t get their own way of face a person who is pro BREXIT, you can also take that to the bank.
These bastards would rather have their own way 100% and not get elected.


He’ll give the official Labour candidate a real run for their money I’ll tell you that, no doubt it’ll be a melt from Ruislip on the first rung of their careerist ladder.


So only the best ever politicians live and survive in marginals?

Not only bollocks but a dangerous game to play, also there aren’t that many marginals due to gerrymandering.


He has never been a real Labour man, Barry.

He has always been on the right end of the party.


So you can’t have a right of the Labour Party?
Of course you can, thats called traditional Labour, heard of Labour first and Progress?


I’ve heard of both. Neither are proper Labour.


What is proper Labour to you?


National Health Service, nationalisation of key industries, commercial businesses excluded from provisioning monopolies, workers’ rights, that sort of caper.