⚽ :redcard: New laws for 2019/20 season


Well actually they came into effect ont he 1st June

I think the bit in there about handball covers @goatboy’s theory that opposition players will deliberately kick the ball on to the other players hand, or maybe not.

As one of my old bosses would say “too fuckiung complicated”

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The New Rules of Football Thread 2019/20 Season
The New Rules of Football Thread 2019/20 Season

Thought we could have a new thread for the arguments to come. :sunglasses:
VAR obviously, but seeing as most football fans are small c conservatives & still dont understand the offside law, I’m sure there will be debates this season.
Before the season kicks off, there have been a lot of changes. Here they are.
Learn them & make your mates feel stupid on match days!

Football’s new laws - changes to backpasses, penalties, handballs and subs for 2019-20 - http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48965849


The goal keeper rule Shirley, is only an enforcement of the real rule IE: the goalkeeper must be on the line when the spot kick is taken?


Quite…that has always been the rule and the blatant ignoring of the rule by referees used to drive me fuckin’ nuts. I’m sure there will be many more non-enforcement that will take its place. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


The main thing to remember this season is not to celebrate any goal until VAR says so.