My way or the highway you shower

My way or the highway you shower


It’s started …


Point scoring before Bazza wakes up.
I did mention that our squad were unfit physically and mentally.
A lot.


I remember when Koeman was new into the hot seat, we’d been battered by someone (forget who) and Fonte said the players were so embarrassed that they volunteered to give up their day off for extra training. Fonte was a good leader and the type of player we lack with the current squad. Good to see the main man now imposing some authority. Thumbs up from me.


Good on him.


Too little too late. we’re fucked and always have been. Ralph is a busted nut. Fat Kat has stripped off everything. We’ll be administrated and relegated in that order and we’ll be shit forever.


Just to confirm, you think we will go into administration BEFORE relegation?


Yes, you see it differently?





oooh that was uncomfortable :confounded:


how was my Baz impression?


That made me do a little wee.




very good. I like this game!


Maybe a little too coherent, otherwise hard to fault.


Maybe we could do an annual avatar swap day, and then post like that person, I think it could be quite cathartic for some :lou_wink_2:


I actually thought you were Baz, had to double check your avatar then realised you were joshing, you wag you


I know i’m such a scallywag, I thought someone would notice but goat took the bait and gobbled it up*, I’m still chuckling :lou_lol:

*soz not soz GB :lou_wink_2:


Mr Rabbit has already banned them using mobile phones at Staplewood and also had a right
go at them for the untidy state of the changing rooms.


Interesting, they are small things (some would say petty) but this is about discipline and its an easy way for him to establish authority