My way or the highway you shower

My way or the highway you shower



Sunday Supplement has a bit on Saints this week. According to one of the journos, he’ll be training the shit out of them in the busiest period of the season.

I think that is probably needed.


He’ll have to train them quite hard to instill talent, I remember people on here shouting about the virtues of JWP, oh dear oh dear…


Interestingly enough, @Barry-Sanchez, the world seems to have caught up to your way of thinking.

While there aren’t many pundits actually saying that James Ward-Prowse is “gash”, there are plenty saying he’s 24 now and needs to step up.

I would expect Hasenhuttl to use him quite a bit, given that a big part of his playing style means playing effective free kicks.


Its good to see people catching up, he is shit but that is because he has been coached the “FIFA” way ie sideways passing and afraid to take chances, he has no pace to go around a players, isn’t agressive enough to tackle but the lad can hit a deadball now and again, has it come to that?

Deary me indeed.

He makes James Milner seem like Charlie George…


Is an effective free kick the ability to put it in an area only occupied by defenders?


Only in table football sadly.