🚗 🚙 My Next Car Will Be

And it’s here :-


My Kia Nero hybrid returned 80.4 mpg yesterday.
OK it was only a 6 mile trip. :slight_smile:

Is yours a plug-in or self-charging? Mine is the self-charging variety.

Self-charging, or mild hybrid as they like to call it.

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So you use the petrol or diesel engine to charge a larger battery than a normal petrol or diesel car?

Yes makes eco warrior sense that does :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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And don’t forgot the regen when you’re braking as well…I know, I know.

I am now assuming its that large to accomodate the litheum crystal battery that is required to get it off planet?

I got me one of these instead…

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Love it… I love the 80s and early 90s German classics.

I want a nice mint condition Mercedes 230e. Runs like a roller!

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It’s practically finished now. Paint done, interior retrimmed in leather, new alloys, new 80s-style Blaupunkt stereo and a host of refettling. When we get a decent day I’ll post a few pics of the finished article.

I also love those old Mercs. The estates were great, but that coupé with the concave roof is peak Mercedes for me. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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However I’m still in love with this German beauty, even after 6 years of ownership… Doesn’t quite have the same ‘waft’ as an 80s Merc though!

Sadly this ceramic coat has worn off somewhat now, so it’ll need another soon.


This model has a decent options list, but the one thing you can’t get for it is a cup holder. :thinking:


You should never drink and drive anyway.

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Mine’s polished now we have a dry day and I can get it out of the garage…took it for a spin…

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You guys are mad spinning your ancient & valuable cars.

Here you are @scotty the MG I was talking about this afternoon. The one on display at The British Motor Museum at Gaydon. It’s the 1957 record breaking MG EX-181 and driven by Stirling Moss on Bonneville Salt Flats…