🚗 🚙 My Next Car Will Be

…an automatic.
I’ve had one before a 1977 Ford Granada Ghia 2.8i

It was an ex-demo car and had all sorts of gizmos on it…all of which took it in turn to fail over the two year I had the fucker.

Now I’m ready to try an auto again now that I drive mostly the urban highways in my tartan carpet slippers. Should I also go green rather than tartan by going back to petrol driven or stick to a sooty diesel or electric or hybrid?

Seeing as I have been driving a diesel for the last 3 years and I’m burning a fresh hole in the ice-caps by taking a Med cruise in October should I say fuck-it and tell everyone I’m now going green whilst I buy a diesel. Would anyone notice?

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Nobody wiĺl notice best get the most economic MPG for yor buck.
Will you have to get rid of diesel when they are banned or will it have already gone to the scrapyard in the sky by then?

You need a Tesla my man, being a retired man, ex of the OS, I should imagine that you have a meaty pension and could by one outright…



Buy the diesel and stop using straws - that will make you carbon neutral

Diesel are not worse for the icecaps, just the pedestrians outside your car - so no problemo


The omissions from those Oxen are higher than a diesel…I’m trying to make a token gesture to save the planet. :lou_facepalm_2:

Yeah well my wife worked there too…so one each, no problem. :lou_lol:

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You can’t eat your diesel jalopy when the shit hits the fan though.

Plant a shrub

Surely you can drink bio-diesel.

Either an old box defender or a Jeep Wrangler, will see

Parking in the barn?

There is a Tesla in our car park (where the kids throw stones) not dissimilar to this one. I’m wondering how they afford it.

Buy a bicycle. Made in a peoples’ cooperative. Live free. Do good.


I used to love that Granada. Didn’t Cowley in The Professionals used to drive one. I loved that series.

As @Bucks said buy a bike. It’s the future not the past - or just drive your beetle everywhere?

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Perfect solution for you @lifeintheslowlane, convert your VW into an EV

I moderate a Vintage VW Technical Forum and there have been several projects that have converted Beetles, Buses and Karmann Ghias to electric power. Not for me though.

I have what feels like a 200 year old manual Renault Scenic hand-me-down from the in laws & an Automatic Turbo Diesel Merc Vito for work. Which I LOVE driving.
Turbo Diesel & buy a water filter jug & a nice millennial flask to reduce your single use plastic consumption of San Pellegrino.

I drive an old Honda Accord automatic. Would never go back to a manual gearbox, to be honest once you’ve got used to an auto you wonder why they even produce manuals any more.

This is my ride and home this weekend. Automatic everything.