Movies You Might Not Have Heard Of But Should Watch Cos They're Good

Movies You Might Not Have Heard Of But Should Watch Cos They're Good



I watched one the other day, it was Forren film + subtitles. It was bout girls that started a Punk Band. It was set in Olden Days but I think was a Recent Movie.They seemed to be about prob 12 yo girls. It was Charming movie! It was like School Of Rock (which is gd film also) but it was more Edgy.

I would recommend this movie for Bros that are interested in Punk Rock, and bros that like happy films bout Friendship, and bros that are interested in Good Movies. I can’t remember what it was called. I would give it 4 Stars Out Of 5 Stars


Have you seen Angel Heart?


No i ain’t! Is that good movie that i should watch? What is gd bout it pls?


This is not really what you are after bear as you probably want something like the tit and the moon

but I liked Apocalypto, not that unknown but not massive film either - subs and stuff. Pretty good action film.


Dark Star

If you want to hear a conversation with a bomb that thinks it’s a god.


Also Eden was pretty good but not exactly unknown

It’s a true story about a Korean girl in America who gets kidnapped and made to be a high class hooker on delivery. The chief of police is in on it as is government guy so there is no escaping for the girls… or is there?..


Pre-fat Mickey Rourke boning voodoo girls with devil stuff going on. It’s entertaining.


I watched a film at a mates house in the 80’s and it was really good!, can’t remember the name of it though…but the main character was called ‘Doctor Prober’ if that’s any help?


Good if you like neo-noir, Alan Parker, De Niro, films where you are not quite sure what is going on, Mickey Rourke’s old face and Lisa Bonet getting jiggy with buckets of blood.


Lone Star, directed by John Sayles.

It is a drama, set in the Texas frontera country. If you are expecting lots of action, you will be disappointed. However, it’s very well performed, and has a detective movie vibe about it. The plot focuses on the potential misdeeds of the Sheriff’s father, himself a Sheriff at the time.

Excellent cast. Pre rom com McConaughy, Frances McDormand and Kris Kristofferson, although Chris Cooper, who went on to play a lot of bad guys in more noted movies, is also excellent as the lead.


La Femme Nikita?

Luc Besson original later murdered by some hideous thing with Bridget Fonda I think.


God Bless America, directed by Bobcat Goldthwaite, whose previous work includes being Zed from the Police Academy movies and blacking up to play an Indian stereotype in two Short Circuit films. Not what you’d imagine to be great beginnings.

It’s about a highly articulate divorced wage-slave, fed up with the world, and diagnosed with a terminal disease. He hates, and the film hates, modern television, especially of the reality variety. He’s about to top himself, but decides to go off killing reality TV stars instead.

Ideal viewing if you’ve ever wanted to put your foot through the screen or have ever imagined owning a light-gun that could kill, or at least stun people on live television.


Good choice. Like the original more than the Bridget Fonda remake.

While we’re doing French:-

Jean de Florette

Manon des source

Got to be seen. Absolutely classic two-parter.


L’haine is another obvious but still not so famous choice.


Have you seen Once upon a Time In America?


Originally posted by @Ohio-Saint

Dark Star

If you want to hear a conversation with a bomb that thinks it’s a god.

If you’re going to watch this, I’d suggest also looking at Silent Running. The only really negative thing to be said about it is that Lucas stole certain characters from it for Star Wars.


Dark Star is brilliant - John Carpenter’s first film if memory serves. Really very funny, low-budget science fiction. Silent Running is the one with Bruce Dern, isn’t it? Garden pod things on a spaceship. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s an excellent film.

A couple of others for the Bear. Steelyard Blues, a kind of follow-up to Klute in that it starred Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda, but is an anarchic comedy which received crap reviews, flopped at the box office but is actually pretty damn good. Little Murders, a dark satire on American society starring Elliot Gould, Alan Arkin and others I don’t recall (though with a fab cameo by the aforementioned Donald Sutherland).

Finallly, and probably fairly well known (though I wouldn’t bet on it) the original Bedazzled, starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. A 1960s reworking of the Faust myth, with Cook as the devil, Moore as Faust and Eleanor Bron as the love interest. Knowing (if you watch it more than once you’ll spot little details that are just brilliant, such as Cook handing Moore a wooden spoon with a very long handle when they sharing a bowl of strawberries). Great cameos too from Barrie Humphries, Raquel Welch and others.


Blue Collar - 1970s film with Richard Pryor and Harvey Keitel, about workers in a Detroit car plant. Directed by Paul Schrader (who as Bletch will know did the screenplay for ‘Taxi Driver’, among many other credits). Theme music is by Captain Beefheart, a blues using a steam hammer as percussion. What’s not to like?


The Firm?