Most Excellent Movie Scores

Most Excellent Movie Scores


Over the years there have been some truly awesome movie scores that raise the film they have been written for to new heights and add a new dimension to the film going experience. Showing my age here but here are my all time top 5.

  1. The Battle of Britain

  2. Zulu

  3. Dr. Zhivago

  4. Grand Prix

  5. Jurassic Park

With honourable mentions to Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia.


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

Raiders of the Lost Ark.


“High on a hill sat a lonely Goatboy…”

Went rapidly downhill after that. :lou_wink_2:


Pretty much anything by Ennio Morricone really, especially the spaghetti westerns directed by Sergio Leone.


A few that I’ve liked in recent years are the score for Inception by Hans Zimmer, ramped up the tension brilliantly in the third act. Tron legacy by Daft Punk although I was left a bit flat by the film itself. The score for Solaris by Chris Martinez (had to goole this one) also made the film for me, subtle but very haunting. Going back a bit I really liked the dreamlike score for Total Recall by Jerry Goldsmith (had to google that one too). Anything by John Williams is a given and rightly so. I think John Carpenter also needs a massive honourable mention, love the score for assault on precinct 13.

Also Silvestri for the Back to the Future score, and Toto’s score for Dune can be added to my list :lou_smiley:


Ry Cooder’s soundtrack to Wim Wender’s Paris, Texas -


Well I had to didn’t I… :lou_wink_2:


Saw the film a while ago and enjoyed it immensely - don’t recall the music, but guess it did its job :lou_wink:


My favourite has always been highlander score by Queen


Should add Blade Runner to my list.


Mmmmm, you beat me to it - Vangelis at his automatant best.


Seems Zimmer did the score for Interstellar as well, and this made the film for me. The only soundtrack I’ve sought out to listen to in its own right is Blue Velvet.


Yeah I’d go along with that, Zimmer has worked with Chris Nolan a fair bit to say the least and it’s worked out pretty well. I need to re-visit Blue Velvet, not seen it in ages :lou_smiley:


Can’t look past Morricone and his work on the mission, the good the bad etc and many many others. Obviously Williams springs to mind immediately as well but the main song in the mission is still to me one of the most moving pieces of music ever written, hope turns to desolation and then hope again, beautiful.


I loved The Mission soundtrack…I never buy soundtrack albums but bought the vinyl after I had seen the movie when it first appeared in the mid '80s.


Amazing, so moving, the man is a legend.


Jaws - just a cello and so much tension… genius


The Jaws theme was done with just a cello, now I’m no James Galway but that ain’t right.


Ali G - In da House.



I thought Cherts was going to

“Once at bandcamp I put a trumpet up my…”