More Tapping Up!

Fair play to @bearsy trying to bring ITK Tom28 into the fold. Not sure how Grant and Chalet are going to react. Just hope that a decent excuse has been thought up by @btripz and @pap


After what happened to the last “ITK” on here I don’t think that is such a wise move.


I think all Bearsy neaded to say to sell it was, Sotonians…the spiritual home of Jack Schitt.

In fact I’d suggest that was the strap-line in Sotonians banner.

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I hope @pap doesn’t have to issue a grovelling apology to them.

No wait, that is never going to happen.


Ah, a thread about ITK-ery.

Had lunch with some bods @ the FA this week. Interesting to hear that Hot Spuds are struggling to fill Wembley for their games.

I’ve seen stories that they aren’t allowed access to all levels in the ground, bollocks, they can fill it if they can sell the tickets. Even at the Spuds v Chelski game the top tier was closed off because tickets couldn’t be sold. Also staff are given tickets for events that haven’t sold well to help fill the place…


To be fair BT it was not the ‘ITKery’ that caused the stir. I was very critical of the fact that he did not actually provide anything that was not already in the public domain. He repackaged it well and eloquently which was great - albeit a little like a press release - but it was the fact he topped and tailed it with a dose of ITKery as opposed to simply presenting his thoughtful and well structured summaries of what was currently known… all the 'you don’t have to accept this, it’s what my sources told me blah blah was unnecessary and undermined the value of his contributions IMHO.

Chalet gave Tom28 a bit of a kicking today because T28 had a pop at another poster (although it is never the same in asterisks). Perhaps we should employ dipper tactics to try and get him over here as he might be looking for a move?

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Talking of Jack, he seems to have fallen off the planet as far as Twitter is concerned. Nothing from him since July.

I tried visiting Saintsweb to see what all the fuss was about, got that fucking annoyed that I just couldn’t stay on there. Fuck me, it’s a roach motel largely full of cunts.


See I sort of agree with you Pap, but I should really down vote you for calling forum posters you don’t like cunts… :lou_wink_2:

But we all love and respect each other on Sotonians so dropping the c-bomb hardly ever happens anyway

All about the context. dear boy.

I called Barry a “pious cunt” in that very thread, but that was only because I went to the trouble of drawing the parallels between the non-god aspects of a religion with Barry’s posting behaviour. I felt a little naughty for it but stand by my post, and I’m sure no-one, especially Barry, minds.

I may be mistaken, but I very much got the impression that your post that I downvoted was making out Barry to be your irredeemable cunty cunt, and that is not the sort of thing I like to see at Sotonians.

I was abit disappointed in you doing that @Areola …I’ve never been averse to having a little smoke blown up my arse, especially if it’s done in a stylish way. I though Jack was a good egg…I like him.


Don’t be a cunt. :lou_wink:

Don’t waste your sweary words, cellone. It’s Cobham Saint who’s the real cunt.

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Maybe I am just more cynical Slowy. I just don’t like being ‘played’ by folks who sem to be happy delivering ‘leaks’ or what is effect club spin. And that is all any of this ever is if it’s from a ‘source’ - no one with any clout is ever going to risk their job leaking stuff to fans, so usually it’s just gossip and hearsay from the tea lady…like I said, he was great at collating the various stories and info all out there and presenting it with a wig of club spin. All fine. But why not just be honest about it instead of trying to fob it off as some sort of insider knowledge…

Too late for that… :lou_surprised:


I thought he was pretty open about it being “officially sanctioned” so I took it as that…still made entertaining reading for me. I think the main reason people like ITK posters (generally) is that it provides a “security blanket” when some get stressed at Transfer Window time. If you have a positive attitude you smile, if negative, you shout Bullshit!


As I recall he became more open when sort of ‘rumbled.’… but he began with the ‘usual’ '‘this is just what I have been told… believe if you want’ …,. I appreciate what you say about ‘security blanket’ (although getting stressed by a transfer window is…er well… somewhat sad to be honest no?) but the 'shouting BS, is not because of being negative, but as mentioned above, I simply find it a bit of a a piss take really when someone simply presents stuff that is ALL in the public domain with added spin…

I am to dissillusioned by the ridiculousness of what the game has become to be worried by transfers… or take it at all seriously anymore.

I am not so sure. The club clearly have their preferred media links and put out messages when they wont to, which isnt often, but I can also see that, at times, they want to get their side over with it being released officially. The easy way to do that is to say something to a supporter and off it goes. I dont think we are being played by the genuine people. I do think we do get a lot of third party stuff which is, in effect, Chinese whispers. Looking at the ITKers on Fiverweb, it seems that the club have closed down on a lot of the leaks, either deliberately or through the leakers having moved on. Monk says his source left the club. K. Billy and that oddball Guan seem to have had their wings clipped. As for Tom28, who knows? Its all a part of supporting the club and has been around for ever. It does no harm, unless you believe everything you read, and passes the time between games. When you have a club like ours that doesnt spend much time talking about every last bit of what we do in the media, ITKery becomes a more sought after source of info as we all want to know what is going on. I like Jack’s posts, including the ITK stuff, whether it was BS or not. We all have a right to believe what we want. I dont think people should be hounded for passing on info unless they are clear trolls or WUMs.