More Tapping Up!

Yeah, I’ll c-bomb everyone of you mutha fucking cheesy bellends anytime I like…


Thing is, iI dont believe anyone was ‘hounded’ - If he had the right to post his stuff, then others have the right to post their opinions on it. Most of us have posted stuff and opinions that have seen a ‘collective reaction’ and we then have a choice… to fight back because we believe in what we stated, or walk away. Posting ‘ITK’ stuff goes with that risk, because so often it IS bullshit from those looking for a bit of attention. When you only post stuff that has been in the public domain for several days, repackaged, fine when presenyted as such, but there was no need to try and build it up assomething it was not… and I do question why someone feels they need to…

This aproach is how I end up in trouble on face book.


He did get some flak AG. And it wasnt all repackaged stuff. After he left there was a lot on Twitter that wasnt in the public domain. Still, he could have stayed here and carried on with his normal posts and kept the ITK stuff for elsewhere if he thought it wasnt being apprecaited here. Tom28 is getting stick from some on Fiverweb too. It seems there are those who like a bit of ITKery and take it as it is often given (which is believe it or not but this is what I have been told by a good source) and there are those who get uppity about it. I can understand people getting annoying if someone is being a WUM, but if someone is posting something in good faith, why give them a hard time? The old adage “dont shoot the messenger” seems reasonable to me. Personally I get more annoyed at the twats who seem to get their pleasure from slagging off the club at every opportunity.


Sorry Soggy, I read nothing that had not been posted already elsewhere including various twitter feeds… filled in with a bit of speculation … which is fine if presented as such- very helpful summary in fact. But its presenting it as something it was not that seems a bit ‘look at me’ - or worse a stooge for clubs media outlet. I also dont agree that its fine saying something is in ‘goodfaith’. Its a classic to remove any responsibilty as to the accuracy of the the info. An ITKer should qualify thier info based on how robust they think the source is: eg. something from a player or coach would have more validity than something from a steward, yet none of the ITKers ever qualify their info … why is that? the old ‘passed to me in good faith, take it or leave it’ is a cop out.

Genuine inside info is always interesting provoided it is not commercially sensitive… I just dont believe JS was in pocession of anything not already speculated elsewhere and yet he suggested it was… why?

If only it was that easy @areloa-grandee

I got my balls ripped off for a post. It was something passed into our krew. It was more interesting than snippets of team news.

Boom nearly caused someone to lose their job.

Then it either has to be hidden in a whimsical comment or pm’d. I daren’t post any snippet again. The source helps us out with all sorts of odds and sods over a season.

Just once on 31st the source said posting was ok I still had to make it obtuse and still only beat Twitter by about 10 minutes

It comes to one of our krew into our WhatsApp group and sometimes onwards.

I can assure you. It ain’t a media plant doing it


As Phil says, if it could cost someone their job then you dont want that to happen. I can see why anyone passing on info wouldnt want everyone and his dog to know where it came from. I dont think take it or leave it is a kop out. I think it is reasonable to expect some people to be sceptical, and those who dont like or rate ITKers are tough to win over. So why bother to do so. Just pass on what you have heard and leave it to people to believe what they want to believe. If I passed on something in good faith I would be pretty angry if I got accused of lying. Perhaps the source isnt as good as it could be, but that isnt the messengers fault if they take it in good faith in the first place.

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An example.

Club thinks VVD will stay. They brought in Bedarnek. No idea if related.

Club has scouted another young promising CB in Holland think vvd is staying so decide to go after him.

That info is “discovered”.

Same day vvd spits his dummy out club does a rethink and decides NOT to bring in the nipper and goes after Hoedt (or maybe Wimmer)

Now the itk looks a twat. But the situation changed.

Information had been valid but luckily it seems we have more brains in Staplewood thatfiver Web imagines because they reacted actually before most fans went into meltdown.

The Hoedt leak came out from somewhere else it did the job it stopped the moaning.

Actually think that is well played by the club


I was not advocating being given a name, but folks shoudl at least offer an opinin on whetehr they think their source is genuine, or full of shit etc… its the ‘‘just passing it on’ nonsense that is a complete cop out. `I have only been genuinely in the know once… andit was simply to be used to try and judge opinion on the return of Wilde and Lowe combo, after Wildes’ ousting by Crouch and Team Tangoman… Being played. If folks are risking jobs you have to ask why would they?

I appreciate how it can look. I know Bletch is upvoting for the right reasons… that there is a desire not to ‘bully’ folks off the board etc. and I respect that, but what is the difference between challenging folk on the robustness of their info, or challenging them on their politics? JS arrived on a fanfare of ITK, but not adding anything new… I asked why? I and others suggested it was a bit of BS because he filled the gaps with speculation… Had he presented these summaries as just that with ‘opinion’ on how it might all pan out, great. But he changed tune AFTER it was pointed out he was just repeating stuff… IMHO. If being fed officila ‘leaks’ then at least admit that so folkscanmake tehir own minds up about the info… dont present it first as some sort of ITKery…

ITKer does not look a twat if he is happy to disclose he is being fed stuff deliberately most just try and fob it off as being ‘special’… Its the Bullshitting about contacts and realtionships /fantasyland that twitches my cynicbone… its not different to trolling.


I gave up a while ago.


The only one to get on my tits is guan0.2.

About as enlightening as Russell Grant.

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Lordy, we’re doing @jack-schitt again?

There really is no need for the revisionism. We’ve still got every post ever made by the guy, and those that were interacting with him. I would say that there is significant evidence that he was hounded off the site, but you don’t have to take my word for it. You can read it.

A lot of folk might hit back with “yeah, but Jack was fragile”, and while that is true to an extent (he’s off Twitter now as well, apparently) he never made much of a secret of that. His perceived fragility doesn’t justify some of the hostility. It actually makes it worse.

My basic theory on forums is that they’re all full of attention seekers. If you post something, you are by definition, seeking attention. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we’re all Rik from The Young Ones. Much of the time, that attention is richly deserved and rewarded. We measure that better than most at Sotonians.

JS was one of the best attention seekers (in a good way) before he started dropping ITK stuff. When he started filling people on the Koeman story, and let’s not forget, no-one else gave that detail and Adam Blackmore confirmed it for us, he went fucking stratospheric in the attention seeking stakes, giving us a lot of new members in his wake.

And btw, his secret was not the ITK stuff. It was actually sticking his neck out, which he did from his very first post on something completely unrelated. He got it chopped off for his trouble.

Why the fuck would another ITK put his neck on the block here?

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This was a fun thread. Not a sweb like thing.

**Stop it all of you before I go on a down vote frenzy. **

**:grinning: x **


Because basically…that’s what they do.

If I had a genuine source and they gave me the go-ahead, I’d probably post it here too. After telling you I don’t care if you believe it or not…sound familiar?

Aye, but after the demonstration on here, which basically involved people posting to say that they didn’t believe him, why would someone else try their hand?

I haven’t seen the Tom28 stuff on SaintsWeb. I take it they’re doing the same thing over there.

Because they like the place, enjoy the interaction and would like to share something you know would interest them. It’s quite a normal process…like chatting to the lads down the pub.

I know people say “it’s not the real world” but we all know that’s shit don’t we…we’re socialising in the same way…at least I do. I don’t behave any differently in real life.


Come on… so its OK to believe someone, but not to not believe someone and call it out? I (and others) suggested he was bullshitting because he was suggesting a connection to a source…and just posting stuff that some of us had alraedy read on other sites… no revisionism… We were told we were naughty because JS got all upset that he was not unilaterally belived and called a Bullshitter (hardly the worst some of us have been called on here… ).

The intention was not to 'drive him away, nor deliberately piss him off, but why is it not OK to piss him off, but ok if what he posts pisses others off? You really think he was genuinely as ‘fragile and sensitive’ as he made out?

My fault Cellone… but have a ‘thing’ about ITKners… way too cynical. To me they are like tapping up a L2 side to bring in a Fourpast.

… and nor do I, and and how many times have you called a mate up for being full of shit over something? I know I have and its not the end of the world, it happens.