More FA cup games

More FA cup games


So Leicester and Chelsea Both Win on Friday

Saturday games are

20:30 Sheffield Wednesday? - ? Swansea City
23:00 Brighton & Hove Albion? - ? Coventry City

Sunday’s game is

20:30Huddersfield Town? - ? Manchester United

Monday’s game is

00:00Rochdale? - ? Tottenham Hotspur

Tuesday game is

03:55 Wigan Athletic? - ? Manchester City

Who do we want in the next round?


Leicester, to get our own back for that 1-4 tonking.


At least somebody thinks we will win against West Brom then @sadoldgit :lou_lol:


Rochadale, Wigan, Huddersfield or Coventry City will do me thanks @philippinesaint


Swansea drew with Sheffield Wednsday

Brighton are beating coventry 2-0


Brighton are now 3-1 up


Brighton win 3-1


United 2 up against Huddersfield at the moment. they’ve been very much under the cosh though. The second goal was a classic break away goal.


Rochdale 2:2 Spuds

Rochdale at the foot of league one - equalised in last minute of extra time after Kane scores a penalty in 88th min (I think) following Ali falling over yet again.

Rochdale didn’t look a team who are where they are in their league. Suspect they won’t get through the replay, but at least they get a day out at Wembley


Wigan giving Man City a good go…HT 0 - 0

Delph controversially sent off after the yellow came out and then replaced with a red right on half time with virtually the whole of the Wigan team surrounding the ref.


Fuck me we could be playing Wigan…they take the lead on 79 minutes… 1 - 0


Holy fuck. Come on Wigan


We’re playing Wigan…well played.

You can bet your life that will be a live televised game. :lou_lol:


Get the fuck in!!!


Look at the Wigan fans ecstatic about playing a proper team in the next round.


Well there’s a turn up :laughing:


TBH it was a straight red every day of the week…


LOL. Who is up for a Wigan away day? :lou_lol:


It will be a tough game but who wouldn’t takeWigan over City? Woohoo!


Am I going to put into words what you’re all thinking?

I’d sooner have lost to Man City than Wigan.

Oh, ok then I’ll see my glass as half full…

Come on yiu reds!