Message for pap

Message for pap


papster check your Twitter direct messages!


Is that what DM stands for? What’s the difference between PM and DM?


One runs the country the other is a song by Yo Gotti.


Actually forget it. The only person who would get that joke is bear and he got lost up a fanny over a month ago.






Actually calling FFS

Shouting loudly

I assume you exhausted all of these Bletch?


You forgot sending a flithy postcard @ @bucks


Send a Raven.


This should do the trick.

He can’t ignore that pap signal.


@pap has always told me that his preferred method of contact was via Twatter.

Has anyone seen him since Wembley?

Please, everyone that went, check your pockets.

papster, where the fuck are you?

Cobham Saint can’t post and he needs your 3rd rate developer skills!


Have you sent him a text bletch?


Hahahaha. Oh dear. He wishes it is that big.

He was on messenger an hour ago. Maybe he’s just ignoring you.


I don’t have his number - might have it in an email somewhere…

Feel free to tell him that @intiniki is dissing his dick again.

Point him my way, pls.


I’ve responded you slags.

Sorry. Nine hour days are just a fevered, half remembered time from what seems like childhood.

Would have gotten onto this sooner, but I’ve been busy, and the market for prefabricated houses unnecessarily lengthened my commute.


Has anyone else noticed that Pap has turned into Roy Wood from Wizard since last February?

Yeah you can’ copy direct you tube links on android sorry



Redacted for GDPR purposes…


@pap ,you’re needed again.

Check your Twitter DM - @cobham-saint 's posting future is dependant on you wiping his password-forgetting arse so he can log in for another fucking day before he forgets his fucking password again.


As the Soviet are here for suggestions I feel I have to spring into action here.

I suggest you two swap mobile numbers.


Well, a good idea in theory @tokyo-saint , but, however much @saintbletch likes to paint himself as a techno wizard, when it comes mobile technology he is stuck in th 80s.

He still thinks carrying a battery in a suitcase and a square box the size of a foot long subway is considered modern!! Sort fo goes with his shirts IYAM…


Amended suggestion…

Swap home telephone numbers or a combo or home and mobile numbers, whichever works best for you guys.


I know some of you will think this a silly idea but I have a lot of time for the underused but always effective filthy postcard. See what I mean?