Message for pap

Message for pap


Thanks @saintbletch & @pap for sorting out the password issue. Apart from me being IT illiterate, what was the problem?

I’m now only 4 days behind everyone but the hangover from Sunday’s drink fest has thankfully gone & I’m no longer feeling the need to moan about how shit the football was…we’ll, not too much.



So the issue was that pap and I received approx. 441 PMs from other forum members asking if you could be guested for 4 days.

We then fabricated an email problem with Sotonians, together with a ruse whereby I pretended that I couldn’t contact papster because he wasn’t checking his Twitter DMs. We then spun it out for 4 days and, well, Bob est ton oncle et Fanny est ta tante…

Sometimes conspiracy and not cockup really is the only explanation.


And I was one of the ones asking you to “guest” me but was certainly asking for longer than 4 days though…


Could you guest Bazza over a loooong weekend…dependent on results of course. :lou_wink_2:


I would like to bring this matter, and another long term mystery, to a close.

The reason that @cobham-saint could not log in, and indeed, the reason his username was always yellow, was because of space, man. Space.

Or more pointedly, an extra space. Between the Cobham and the Saint. While one would expect a single space between the two parts of his username, performing a whitespace spitroast, if you will - there were two.

So when Cobs tried to log in, he probably used the spit roast version of his moniker and had no joy.

I have restored the whitespace spit roast to his username in the back end.

Normal service is resumed.


That is a really 3rd rate answer @pap


Is @cobham-saint still @cobham-saint ?


I’m doubting myself now…


Which one of you are you doubting?


The other one, i’d imagine.


I’m having an existential crisis now

I mean, does one version have purpose meaning or value and the other not. If so which one? How do I know? How do I choose?





Yep :+1:


What was the message for Pap?


It was to ask him to remind me not to drink too much.



I believe he never got the message or you?