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Marmite - Hate it or Love it?

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Need an ambivalent option


Watch the video first.

Ambivalence will become a thing of the past.

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Best on toast.

Sometimes nice on bread if you’re feeling kinky.

Never without some kind of spread.

And “spread thinly”? Fuck that.


Only if very lightly spread on warm toast with a poached egg on top then love it.
Otherwise yuk

You must be the Popular Front of Judea.


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Devil’s food

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Watch the hypnotism video and then try again, Tigster.

Watched it and I stand by my opinion

…but have you tried it since watching the video.

This is scientific, Tigger.

You can’t take shortcuts with science.

Hold on, I’ll go try it again

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The things I do for science!! It is still the Devil’s food and now I need coffee to get rid of that awful taste


Not sure what this says about the make-up of the average Sotonians’ member - or what is says about @tigger either.

I don’t follow the crowd

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That she is a woman of impeccable taste :man_shrugging:t2:


Or, she’ll put anything in her mouth if someone tells her it’s about science?


I’ll let @tigger flag that post so that I may silence you for a while…

Who moderates the moderators :man_shrugging:t2:


Hot buttery marmitey toast.


Agree with you here, @BTripz. I know it’s not meant to be possible, but while I rather like Marmite I can’t say I love it. On the rather rare occasions that I eat it I enjoy it, but I don’t feel the need to have any in the house.

I also agree with @pap that spreading it thinly is just wrong, but I’d rather spread a dark, thick-cut orange marmalade (especially Frank Cooper’s Muscavado Oxford marmalade) on my heavily-buttered toast.