Mark Hughes confirmed as First Team Manager

Mark Hughes confirmed as First Team Manager


Appointed until the end of the season, as widely predicted.

One point of interest is that there’s no sign or mention of Les Reed in the two pieces on the official site.


Fuckity, shit, bum, bollocks - not my choice - hope I’m proved wrong…


Meh. Was never gonna be anyone exciting was it. Not a massive fan of him, but under the circumstances i don’t think we had many options



And the football angels rang the bells,

for he has returned,

the King they sang.

The Welsh fat bummed useless mullet lover


As I said to Rust earlier, I’ve spent the last several seasons thinking he was the most enormous and classless twat in management.

Going to test my well documented rose tinted specs.


Come now, Bletch, he’s hardly Sam Allardyce.


Never liked him. Never rated him. Alright, he has got hair, but it’s never been good hair. It’s like pubic hair. Not a fan.

But as long as he keeps us up and wins the FA Cup, I am willing to give him Benefit Of Doubt.


So, is that a thumbs up, thumbs down, or a thumb up the arsehole @barry-sanchez . Does he meet expectations or is he a plant by Chairman Gao (that ok Tokes?) and we’re still going down the pan and are going to be asset stripped?


Welcome back to the club where you were a legend!


Not sure if I should up or down vote that Fatso - you decide & I’ll vote accordingly.


Welcome Sparky. Lets hope the moaning morons get behind him and support the sodding team until we either stay up or fail trying.


I’d go upvote. This is his spiritual home.


OK there you go Big Fella - I shall hound you mercilessly if he turns out to be a bell end and we go down :lou_wink_2:

The chances of that eh?


Sparky’s Red amd White armeee!!

Seriously considering getting a ticket for Sunday now…c’mon @pap and @barry-sanchez where are we going to meet??


I’ll give him the first half against Wigan to prove me wrong.


I have down voted all @fatso because in my opinion Hughes was fucking useless when he was here as a player and his management skills look like a lot to be desired.

Will he leave us in the same position he left Stoke?

if that is the case we are down.


Hughes has an average win ratio of just under 30%.

Which implies we will win 2 league games under him.

Which is double what MoPe would have done.

Which right now is the ONLY thing I give a shit about as that is a better chance of staying up than I expected last Saturday night.

Oh rumour is Les may be recovering from doing an impression of a hair dryer on the players on Monday


That’s very generous of you… I intend giving him the team announcement before whinging like a school girl.


Notice the club haven’t said they are ‘delighted’ to announce… or even ‘pleased’ to announce. That speaks volumes as usual!

Oh well. As many have pointed out, this is not a particularly exciting appointment but at least the club has done something, because we were limping towards the Championship. I genuinely didn’t feel like we would win another game under Pellegrino so any change is worth a try. It’s also better than an internal appointment of a caretaker manager in my opinion.

I think he’ll give us a fighting chance.


Not thinking of going by train are you @btripz ?

I was just about to buy a ticket earlier this week. Luckily i checked the prices first. £202 and would have to spend the whole day travelling, just didn’t seem worth it.