Mario Lemina

Looks like we’re signing this guy from Juve for a cool 16m … I’ve not heard of the guy but he may be ace :laughing:


Beaten off Stoke and West Ham to sign him apparently. No doubt the twats on Fiverweb will take that as a sign that we lack ambition.

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Stay away from that site mate :laughing: You can get any latest news from other sources, maybe not here to be honest it’s all left wing politics and Bob Dylan tbh.


A proper box-to-box centre midfielder with a bit of muscle and athleticism is exactly what we’ve been crying out for. Happy with this if it goes through.


How big are his balls? That’s all I need to know.


Relieved you didn’t say “cahoonahs” because we don’t do Americanisms here. <high-five>


From what little I’ve seen of him he appears to be athletic and direct with his running. Pretty quick too so will be great at taking us up the pitch on the counter, something that we have definitely lacked in recent times. The fact he is 6 foot as well is good because we aren’t the biggest side since selling Pelle, Fonte and VVD out of the side.

I know we have a few options in CM but we don’t have anybody with the above characteristics so I for one think this could be a good signing. Clasie and PEH have not made a strong enough claim for that spot and I’m not a fan of Davis in the deep role so… over to you Mario.

A lot of people keep regurgitating the line about his temperament but I don’t get that. Wanyama got sent off 3 times in his final year and off the field all footballers are childish arse holes (yes Virgil I am talking about you).

The only shame is that it is late in the window and there’s no time to blood him in any friendlies. But this is always the way with Saints so ho hum.

PS - if he can shoot and get 5 goals a season then that would be grand.


If he’s coming in, then who is making way?

And will they be loaned, sold or left to rot?

Off topic, but talking of Bob Dylan, I went to a Bobfest yesterday in a pub in Rye. It was people playing Dylan songs live from 4pm until 11pm. There is so much Bob you can take though.

My guess would be Clasie.

Unless Clasie plays further forward. He clearly has goals in him and an eye for a pass.


His passing is definitely a strength and he looks forward but in two years he hasn’t been deployed further forward and with the likes of Davis, JWP, Tadic and Boufal (maybe Austin?) operating in the CAM role at times, I can’t see him getting a look in.

Lazio were circling and I wouldn’t put it past Koeman coming back in for him.

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A big, strong, natural athlete is a pretty gaping void in our current Midfield Options. If that is a good description of this bro, and I dunno cos I never heard of him before, then I am willing to sign off on this signing. Someone let Les know pls.


You might have missed this @Bearsy …see the way he holds off the oppositions…strong and quick


Watching all the film of Super Mario Lemina…I have come to the conclusion that he is the son of our dearly departed to pastures new :slight_frown:Victor and Morgan :laughing:

He is seriously ver…very…very good…and just what we need :laughing:

Once again…well played my dear old Uncle Les…YOU are one special bloke :smile:


Just reading few remarks on Lemina on Fiverweb.

One was saying passing wasn’t one of his strengths…someone picked him up on that, pointing out that his pass-completion last season was 90%. Expanation…he only makes high percentage, short passes. They haven’t been watching the Video I posted above ^^^ :lou_lol:

Lemina looks very good in all film :laughing:

For Juve to have taken him on loan from Marse and then purchased him…must be more than a gamble :smile:

They do have a clutch of good players in the middle…maybe a purchase return at a later date?

I really do think this lad is what we need at the moment :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It will be interesting what the deal is all about. :cool:

COYS :innocent:

Every body does realise he will be called

Mario Lanza?

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When I started watching that video I was predominantly looking for someone who wouldn’t be out-muscled in mid-field as we were so often last season. He certainly ticks that box as does his long-range passing…very Morgan S like. :lou_lol:

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