:pl::mancityfc: Manchester City v Saints :saints:

:mancityfc: v :saints:

Well he says he is a better manager now.
He will bloody well have to be if we are to get a result in our favour on Sat.

“Bring out the gimp”

Is @Goatboy going then?

I have a note from my GP saying I don’t have to watch this game.


I have paid for a ticket soI have to!!

You could always give it away to a deserving cause, or try and raffle it off?

Think he may have to pay someone to take it tbh.

Luckily, with Grandson here ad the RWC Final I had a choice as to what time we take him out on the “Saturday Adventure”

Yep, we will be out all afternoon.

Plenty of homeless beggars in Manchester City Centre, but I think they’d rather keep their reservation in a cosy doorway than watch a bunch of overpaid layabouts get thrashed by a bunch of millionaires!!

I’m looking at this as an afternoon’s drinking in Manchester, punctuated by a 90 minute painful Interlude.


There are some great proper boozers by Oxford Road station, the Salisbury being the best, great boozer.

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Here is a song what I have just wrote for today

Today, is gonna be the day,
That The Saints are gonna beat City.
By now you should’ve somehow
Realized what we gotta do
I don’t believe that anybody
Believes what I just wrote
Nor do I :joy::joy::joy:

Beer and Lube is the order of the day methinks!!

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How much is Vasaline in large economy packs these days in UK?

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After the way we’ve been butt-fucked lately they’ll need something gritty to get some purchase.


I think I’m just going to cower under a blanket until it is all done.

Wake me up if it’s not double figures :wink:

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We are the wizard’s sleeve of the EPL

I have not a clue whst that means

You mean some of the fake stuff we get down here then more sand than Pamilla Andersons Bikini bottoms


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