✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)


I would rather the club folded, so there.


Welcome to the forum Sharkie!


Thanks good times coming back i feel


That’s what we like to hear…a good positive take on the situation.
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They all useless so dont vote


That’s why I only copied and pasted the quotes from the German mush!


Really?? o really?? Are they mad


I’d be very surprised if he got another Premier League job anytime soon.


Which is exactly what we heard. I believe SKD was mentioned on here :sunglasses:
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Cheers Phi. I havent been this optimistic since league 1


Welcome @Sharkie.


Thanks Barry hope you are welcome to new era at saints


We’ll see.


Okay Barry but my optimism has risen like when SFC was in league 1.Cancer of club has disappeared (Reed) so starts a new beginning






Fucking useless in the Premier League though


Never given a proper chance IMHO