✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)


FFS if he’s going to play Hoedt then he’s got to go…


He hasn’t even started yet.

We’re certainly losing the plot these days



He was clearly a really big thing in Germany

Even brought down the Berlin Wall apparently


May’ve gone over your head (like Hoedt) but I’ll forgive you :wink:


Nah just faux outrage a la Fiverweb.



Bazza’s at SMS as we speak campaigning to bring Hughes back



Official according to Sky Sports - 3 year deal!



Well, the Board don’t seem as inept as I had thought, and fair play to them for that. Maybe Ralph K has been “released” by giving Reed the old heave ho? Whatever has happened it’s decisive, well managed and swift. Everything Reed’s appointments weren’t. Good on the Club.


Someone in to rectify the recruitment issues and we could soon be back to where things were when Koeman left


“He’s been able to get a lot out of very limited teams so if you’re looking for someone who is going to immediately improve the team, who is going to introduce a very recognisable style, make them very tough to beat, give them cohesion, give them an identity… he ticks the boxes.

“I think he’ll be a brilliant appointment.”


Does he walk on water too? #Messiah


He may not be ‘JC’ but I’ll convert to whatever religion he wants if he can make a solid defence out of our lot.


Interesting intro in that article:

Southampton fans will be understandably divided by the imminent appointment of Ralph Hasenhuttl.
Rather than plump for an experienced, Premier League firefighter like David Moyes or Sam Allardyce, the Saints appear to have turned to a man who has never managed or played in the Premier League to replace Mark Hughes.

I find it impossible to imagine that any Saints fan would want Allardyce or Moyes at the club.



The only way I would accept BFS would be with a cast iron guarentee that he wouldnt get the job full time if he kept us up


I wouldn’t accept him under any terms whatsoever, no sir, no way…


If the only other choice was saggy?


I believe SKD and Ross Wilson have been pivotal in recent events at this club.They together may have seen Reed was taking the club backwards and got RK to act.Especially after hearing hearing SKD’s interviews after Hughes sacking,I believe SKD is our modern day MLT and he whats to see the club drive forwards.Going to be interesting in January window without Les Reeds cancer at the club.