✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)


Realistic ones, not ones we’d like due to our now woeful position even after an easy start.

Monk (possibly)
Pol Pot


Bit early?


He’s gone, he’s gone, no way can he keep his job after this.


We could still win the game :wink:


We won’t, we’re shit.


I’m a bit heated up at 3:25am admittedly but I think a Ficus tree would be a reasonable option right about now




Interim, as I said all along again, money saving measures as we’re going to cut to the bone, who has replaced Les?


Francis Benali has his badges. Worth remembering that when Harry Redknapp left in 2005, Franny and Matt Le Tiss put themselves forward as joint candidates for the vacant position. Rupert Lowe didn’t even interview them. I would love to see them step in now, if only for the lift it would give the whole club. Benali would certainly kick a few arses on the training ground, that coupled with Le Tiss’ footballing philosophy just may take a few people by surprise.

You may say i’m a dreamer - - - - -


Your not the only one…

Next line someone please.


Gareth Southgate

Hey you wanted a name everyone would get behind, never said it had to be sensible


Having been lucky enough to meet MLT a couple of times of late. No. Not in his DNA.
As someone around to help and coach specialist skills yes.’


Which is pretty much what i suggested. Leave the heavy lifting on the training ground to Benali. The makings of a dream team i reckon.


It’ll be Elyounoussis old boss.
Raphaël Wicky, mainly because he’s available and the wage would be relatively cheap.


Martin O’Neill time…


Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no


Steve Bruce, Gary Monk and David Moyes… FML.

If that is seriously our options then we might as well throw in the towel now and all go home.


What did you expect? Fat Kat sold us and Gao to be fair down the river and here we are, this is where we are at, we have no money, we don’t want to spend money if we did, so we’re left with shite, admin in 3 years.


Thierry Henry may be looking for an exit from Monaco.
Or we could go big and maybe poach that bloke from Real Madrid…