✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)



shouldn’t Quiche go in one of the food threads?


I could get behind this.

With regards Flores, Watford have chopped and changed managers more than us in recent years so they all blur in to one for me. No idea what he’s about.



I was wondering who would come and work here when we don’t have a DoF and then that article filled in the blanks, get Paul Mitchell back in as DoF, maybe Mane would want to come back too…

He has the look of Hoddle about him though so he doesn’t quite do it for me


I’d like to put myself forward ladies. :lou_lol:


Researched him yesterday. Klopp style high energy, pressing etc. Could be a great appt and in two years he could go to Liverpool.
he was linked to Arsenal a year or so back.


Not flores I mean. He can fuck off.


Handsome chap that, stylist as well, he deserves the appointment for his hair do alone.


Hair today, gone tomorrow. Don’t get sold on good looks alone. Pelicangringo was handsome and many wanted him to leave very quickly… but like a disappointing one night stand where the looks were there but the they were lousy in the sack…


Enough about me…


IF we make the right appointment and buy well in January then we have a chance, having just one of those won’t be enough.


Looks might not be too important in your world but they sure are in mine…


Not my preferred option


Yay bring in a manager from the German League.
We can sign a whole bunch of English 18 & 19 year old prodigies.
Moneyball 2


An official unsubstantiated rumour

Hassenhutl done deal apparently
Will be watching the game Wednesday & in charge for Cardiff

Make of that what you will



His name is fun to say in a shit attempt at a German accent. So I am sold.





If this is true, you’d have to say Gao is changing the club for the better. Someone that quietly goes about the business, rather than talk a lot, whilst achieving nothing.