✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)




If only someone had mentioned a particular name yesterday we could claim this story exclusive wad lifted from here.
Oh wait…


On the cheap as I said, anyone replaced Les yet?


Alex Crook though…


Clearly lifted from here then



“Sky Sources” = “some shite one of our interns read on t’ internet.”



The Times are reporting that we’ve held talks with Sousa and that he was at the Fulham game. Surely they wouldn’t just make that up, would they?


According to SOS yes, they’re right wing capitalists who should be put to the sword in a cellar…



Unless it’s some sort of plot (probably by Russia).


It amazes me how our fans jump 1) at every leak 2) believe them 3) believe every name mentioned is brilliant and will change the world.

And then open a new thread and post how they do not believe the msm etc



Bring him in as No 2 to Dave Jones.

Surely we couldn’t do any worse?

Could we…?


I really hope it’s not Paulo Sousa


I’ve been covering Swansea for the last 10 years, Sousa had less respect, even Bob Bradley who the players laughed at. Sousa turned up late “late” being 2 hours late for anything.


Ralph Hasenhuttl is now favourite on paddy Power this morn. Not heard him mentioned before.


… and as I’m up early and you’re all probably hungover you swines, I’ve researched Ralph no 2 for you. Plays high intensity, pressing, attacking football and got unfancied RB Leipzig to second place in Bundesliga. He’s no mark hughes which might be a problem.


Hi intensity pressing football

Sounds like Pochettino mark 2

Equally, in the past half a season or so, “the Bielsa” style high press football has evolved. It was designed to counter tika taka football which was what Reed was fixated on and has now been found out and superceded by the Citeh Spurs & Scouse versions.
So full retro again

Tbh IF our central defenders could mark or tackle we wouldn’t be needing a new manager and I’m not sure Hughes is to blame for that


Or you could argue that they could be improved by coaching and/or do better in a different system?