✅ Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)

:white_check_mark: Manager shortlist (Fat Sam and Moyes excluded)


If thats true it proves were skint, we have no clue and we’re destined for the Championship. What a fucking corrupt shithouse of a cunting club to support.


See, the thing is Barry,

is maybe, just a bit extreme nonsense?


But you promised he would be gone by today baz, you lied to us!


I hope some day you will join us…

Seems appropriate.


There is also this:


Time to go, he should have gone a month ago but our board are shite, inept, skint and tight.


This whole scenario has shades of deja vu about it. Last season with Pellegrino the board kept prevaricating for months when it was blindingly obvious to the rest of us that we were going nowhere under his management because he simply wasn’t up to the job. Then waited until we were on the verge of relegation in March to get rid. Hughes was appointed when we were one point above the drop zone and we finished one point above the drop zone, so the ‘Mark Hughes rescue act’ was a bit over the top. We have Man U at home next, followed by Spurs away, highly unlikely that we will get anything out of those two. I just can’t see the point of waiting. Of course we may just beat them both and in two weeks time we will be mid table and Nottarf Krap will have egg all over his face. And i would be more than happy to wear that egg!


I agree with all of that however. What you say COULD be interpreted another way

We persevered with Pellegrino because we knew that the squad simply wasn’t up to the job in the hope that coaching, development or simple luck would turn things around and that MP himself was more than competent but couldn’t turn water into wine…


We have a game tomorrow.
We always have a presser the day before.
Did we have one today?
Asking for a friend…


Anyone want a made up rumour?


There is another kind?

Go on…


Board meeting 2pm tomorrow.
SKD in the loop due to his experience & trust the club has in him
Why no press conference?
Don’t shoot the messenger


Who is SKD? It can’t be Sir Ken Dodd,(although he would have fitted right in), cos he died a few months ago.


Call yourself a Saints fan?
I’m watching Gotham ffs didn’t have time to type Super Kelvin Davis


Where’s @Jack-Schitt when you need him?


I tell thee now, I shall go FULL ‘Barry-Sanchez’ if that is hockey boy’s master plan.




Ah thanks. I shall hang my head in shame!


Wasnt Sousa absolute shite at qpr?


Wasn’t there long. Same at Leicester. Did well at Swansea, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Basel though.