:pl: :mancityfc: Man City v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_Logo: Sports)

:mancityfc: v :saintsfc:

Moved forward from the end of April :man_shrugging:

  • Hutch going to rest the recently returned injurees, :mancityfc: going to want to avenge their recent loss to :manunitedfc:, a :saints: thumping is on the horizon
  • :mancityfc: going to try too hard to win, Hutch sees any points from this game as a bonus and there is no pressure on the players, :saints: stun the league Leaders elect and win
  • a draw is on the cards
  • :mancityfc: 0-0 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 0-1 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 0-2 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 0-3 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 1-0 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 1-1 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 1-2 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 1-3 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 2-0 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 2-1 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 2-2 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 2-3 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 3-0 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 3-1 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 3-2 :saints:
  • :mancityfc: 3-3 :saints:

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Confidence restored, now let’s make it 2 in a row…

Easy win.
Provided @Cobham-Saint wears his shirt & I go to a Catholic Mass in the morning…


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Fuck, we’re gonna get bummed… :frowning:

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Only if you’re an Altar boy…

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Please expand :wink:

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I’m sure we had the same conversation a year ago - can’t be arsed to look back

Catholic Mass :man_facepalming:

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I was talking ring pieces :wink::kissing_heart:

we will give them a right spanking

Ah, get you now

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0-1. City will be off the pace after the derby.

I have been very pessimistic on Superbru - let’s see if it works as a form of reverse psychology

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My Shirt wearing and beer drinking worked today. I may try similar next time.

However much personal pain and trauma it may cause you to drink that beer, just remember that you’re doing it all for us. And that we all love you for doing it. Or something.


Wise words

After getting every result yesterday, I’m gonna get none today on Superbru :man_facepalming:

Bit of ITK from Ralph.
Here is the sauce


Pretty sure Pele advertised a cure for that

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