:mancityfc: Man City banned from European football

Worth its own thread, I reckon.

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They’ll appeal to CAS and it’ll get suspended…

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Will this appeal be a big fucking brown envelope, freshly stuffed from Abu Dhabi?


Exactly what I said when chelski got their transfer ban. :thinking::thinking:

I could answer that but I’d have to shoot you.

Good year for us to come 5th then :lou_sunglasses:

If only they had twitchy as their compliance officer

What are the odds on Pep fucking off at the end of the season.


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I particularly liked this part of Man City’s rather belligerent statement:

Isn’t this rather akin to a burglar complaining that the case against him was initiated by the state, prosecuted by the state and judged by the state?


I agree with punishment but people haven’t thought of the bigger picture.
How can a club grow organically to be the size of Liverpool, United, Real, Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus?

You can’t, it’s impossible, closed shop.
The TV companies have put paid to that, the only way is to spend and then grow.
Football is a fix, rigged as much as a Cuban casino.

And you just noticed this?
That has been the FFP problem since day 1

Cuban casinos rigged not when i was there

Referring to when the mafia controlled the island.